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Fostering urban mobility with our accelerating transportation system

ACCEL is one of our new game-changing solutions. This innovative and user-friendly accelerating passageway transportation system offers an efficient solution to the challenges of urbanization. In metro stations, it alleviates traffic congestion by improving access while attracting up to 30% more passengers. In airport terminals, ACCEL reduces connection times between gates by up to 70%.

Innovations for shorter connection times

ACCEL’s band of overlapping pallets allows each pallet to expand to three times its original size. Passengers step onto ACCEL at normal walking speeds and are safely accelerated to up to 12 kilometers per hour. Users only take 140 seconds to cover 270 meters, compared to 415 seconds with previous systems, for an impressive time saving of 70%. ACCEL moves up to 7,300 passengers per hour per direction in a permanent flow, totally eliminating waiting times.

Some of the benefits of our next-generation high-speed, high-capacity passageway accelerating transportation system include:

  • Easier planning
  • Simple to integrate
  • Less infrastructure
  • Continuous movement
  • Reduced lifecycle costs

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