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From smart planning to project management

TK Elevator provides unparalleled support right from the start. Creating the optimum passenger flow is our contribution to the architectural design process. Ensuring that all installation works run smoothly and are finished just in time is our promise of quality.

Economic, sustainable and fully connected

Our high-rise mobility solutions prove that economy and ecology can co-exist in perfect harmony. That's good for the environment and your bottom line. In addition, our holistic digital solutions deliver financial and operational benefits.

Unique products with service like no other

With single-deck, double-deck and our unique TWIN elevators, TK Elevator's product portfolio is the broadest in the industry. Our superior service and preventive maintenance solutions ensure reliably high availability, including for any third-party equipment.

Project management
and installation

We are here when you need us.

With a comprehensive network of branches and 24-hour availability for emergency calls and breakdowns, we offer a rapid response and unparalleled safety. We deliver service in a way that is smarter, stress-free and systematic, so everything’s as painless as possible for you and your building’s tenants.

Prompt delivery of replacement parts

Through our global network, we provide cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient solutions to prolong the life of your lifts, escalators, moving walks and automatic doors. We have an extensive spare parts network in all major cities and regional centres, to make sure the needed components reach your building as fast as possible. Our comprehensive spare parts catalogue has all the replacement parts needed for all major brands.

Expertise in quality and safety standards

Operators must address all preventable hazards to avoid legal consequences. At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we know how to identify and mitigate these hazards to help cover your bases. We keep your lifts, escalators, moving walks and automatic doors in line with all product certification and safety/performance standards.

Escalators and moving walks

When compared to lifts, the specific requirements of individual escalator and moving walk installations can play a much greater role in effective maintenance and repair. We offer individualised service concepts, fast and reliable replacement part delivery, cost transparency and budget security.

If your needs exceed the scope of a regular maintenance plan, we can create a customised escalator service offering, whether for a shopping centre or a large public transport network.

Automatic door maintenance

Whether it’s a sliding, rotating or swinging automatic door system, we'll make sure it works perfectly no matter who made it. Fast, competent and reliable, our highly-qualified service technicians make sure your door system works smoothly, around the clock.

Re|new, go beyond repairs

Your building’s reputation and marketability can be either helped or hurt by the way your lifts look, how smooth they run, how fast they answer calls, and how often they’re out of service. The same goes for escalators, moving walks and automatic doors.

Our Re|new services keep your equipment up-to-date without the need for a full-scale replacement or a big lift modernization project.

Regardless of the age of your equipment, our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your precise needs and enhance the value of your building.