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TK Elevator introduces MiLift® - Hong Kong’s first modular elevator

  • TK Elevator’s MiLift® is the first commercialized modular elevator solution in Hong Kong
  • The MiLift® was introduced in support of the HKSAR Government’s promotion of the MiC building concept
  • The entire MiLift® structure was manufactured and pre-assembled in mainland China and transported directly to the installation site

Hong Kong, 30 May 2022 – TK Elevator is pleased to introduce MiLift® - the first modular elevator solution in Hong Kong. TK Elevator’s MiLift® solution combines the company’s world-class Machine Room-less (MRL) elevator solutions with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) concepts, offering unprecedented advantages over conventional elevator installation methods for installation and retrofits to overhead bridges, low-rise buildings and other applications that require external lift towers.

As a German innovation leader in the elevator industry, and long-standing partner of Hong Kong’s construction and public works sector, TK Elevator prides itself on understanding the needs of its customers, and consistently delivering innovative and market-leading mobility solutions. The MiLift® was introduced in support of the HKSAR Government’s promotion of the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) building concept, and as TK Elevator’s answer to the growing needs in Hong Kong for time-saving and cost-effective modular elevator solutions.

An overhead bridge in the Western New Territories district of Tuen Mun marks the first commercialized application of modular elevator in Hong Kong. Taking full advantage of the convenience in connectivity offered by the Greater Bay Area initiative, manufacturing and assembly of the MiLift® structure took place entirely in the Guangdong province, before it was transported directly to the installation site in Hong Kong. Such advantage allows TK Elevator to supply MiLift® or other customized modular elevator and escalator solutions to almost any work site in Hong Kong in a short lead time, offering unparalleled benefits to developers and construction companies.

“TK Elevator is committed to support Hong Kong’s construction and public works sector with continued innovation. We put ourselves into the shoes of our customers, and offer them the best solutions supported by our German mobility technology.” said KC Chan, Managing Director Hong Kong of TK Elevator.

In addition to public works, TK Elevator is also a trusted mobility solution provider for metro, railway and aviation infrastructures as well as commercial applications in Hong Kong. Its vast offerings span across new installation, service and modernization of elevators, escalators and moving walks.