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TK Elevator launches new
S100 stairlift

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Equipment for safe and efficient passenger travel

Aug 12, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator expands airport activities in Latin America by delivering reliable equipment for safe and efficient passenger travel

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Open for everyone: accessibility to buildings and public transportation

Jul 27, 2020

As urban populations continue to boom, the importance of ensuring all residents have equal access to transportation and public services has never been greater. URBAN HUB finds out what measures typically create easy accessibility for residents with low mobility and what new solutions are out there.


MULTI ensures social distancing while maintaining high passenger throughput

Jul 9, 2020

COVID-19 is not only challenging the medical field, it is affecting every sector of business and nearly every aspect of our daily lives. With social distancing rules put in place around the globe, it also impacts our use of elevators.

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Greener vehicle fleets for cleaner air, smaller carbon footprints

Jul 3, 2020

Companies with large vehicle fleets can make a substantial contribution to cleaner air – especially in cities – by investing in green vehicles, such as electric and hybrid cars. Maintenance, service, transport, and sales vehicles can all become cleaner and greener.

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Construction in Moscow: an insider’s look at a city on the rise

May 28, 2020

Moscow has seen a lot of construction since the turn of the 21st century – and much of that construction has been tall. Urban Hub reviews some of the most interesting construction projects and offers some insight from a local expert who has watched the construction boom since the beginning.

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Modernizing historic buildings: Smith Tower in Seattle

Apr 23, 2020

Fixing up the old doesn’t grab the headlines as much as bold, new architecture. Smith Tower in Seattle changes that. The historic details were preserved, and technology installed to give the tower a LEED Gold certification. URBAN HUB talks building modernization and sustainability with Steve Vining.

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Epic projects, short videos

Mar 31, 2020

Short videos, especially timelapse videos, offer a great way to get an impression of the vast scope of large construction projects. Urban Hub presents some incredible, yet short videos of tall towers and large-scale construction projects.

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Barcelona chooses smart mobility

Mar 26, 2020

Barcelona is famous as a smart city and a technology hub. That’s no accident. When Barcelona was in deep economic trouble not so long ago, it took a bold vision, inspired planning, and solid execution to transform the city. New smart mobility solutions are helping to solidify that success.

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Urban projects in Chicago

Mar 18, 2020

From the Burnham Plan to the reversal of the Chicago River, Chicago projects have always been impressive. Today, the Windy City’s legacy of innovation continues with projects like the expansion of O’Hare International Airport, the Lincoln Yards, and “The 78”.

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Moving walkways in cities

Mar 9, 2020

Moving walkways once graced World Fairs as futuristic solutions for cities, but focus shifted to moving up and down as skyscrapers got taller. Now as urban populations boom, planners need to address moving people through the city. Could the moving walkway be part of the solution? URBAN HUB finds out.

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5G for smart cities

Mar 5, 2020

5G networks are already up and running in several cities. Soon, much of the world will be connected to this new standard in mobile telecommunications. 5G will provide a quantum leap in connectivity that radically expands and improves consumer choices, business opportunities, and city services.


It's about talent, not gender

Mar 4, 2020

More and more young women see themselves as engineers in the future.


Comments on the Elevator sale

Feb 27, 2020

The most important questions on the sale of the Elevator business answered by Martina Merz, CEO of thyssenkrupp AG, Peter Walker, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator, and for the acquiring consortium Ranjan Sen, Managing Partner, Advent International, and Bruno Schick, Partner and Head of DACH region, Cinven.


Innovative products meet impeccable service

Feb 25, 2020

From the first to the 102nd floor in 60 seconds. Our high-speed elevators transport 14,000 people each day to the platform of America’s tallest building: the One World Trade Center.


In difficult times, people move closer

Feb 24, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator Technology donates € 50,000 for exemplary work of voluntary firefighters in Australia.


Hamad International Airport

Feb 21, 2020

Top-notch expertise in manufacturing, installation, service, and maintenance from one single source

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Subways that safeguard history

Feb 19, 2020

Many cities have a lot of history, and much of that is buried in the ground beneath them. An ancient city that continues to be a modern urban center must balance the need to preserve its archaeological heritage with the needs of today – including mobility. But how? Some cities in Italy offer answers.


Taking customers on a live journey through our product portfolio

Feb 17, 2020

Our solution: Customer Experience Centers to experience our product portfolio through digital technologies such as virtual reality and interactive apps.

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Madrid transforms mobility maintenance

Feb 12, 2020

The first Smart Data technological warehouse has opened in Madrid. It increases the efficiency and sustainability of maintenance for urban solutions like elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, and is part of an ongoing process that uses digital technology to improve customers’ mobility experiences.


Customer Apps – promoting direct communication and transparency

Feb 11, 2020

Service and maintenance are the heart of our business which we are continuously striving to improve. Our goal: Optimizing our service experience to meet the standards of a digitalized world.

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Innovative art in cities

Feb 10, 2020

Art in the city has been experiencing a boost from technology and new innovations in recent years. The result? A new generation of exciting exhibition spaces and art lovers. Visitors are flocking to digital, interactive spaces around the world to see, be inspired, and create.


The forward-thinking warehouse

Feb 7, 2020

A digitized warehouse in Spain is to supply spare parts for several countries in a revolutionary concept.


How this team redefined the performance of their production chain

Feb 5, 2020

For thyssenkrupp’s future, our colleagues worldwide are working to make our company more flexible, efficient and powerful.

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Alison Powers talks Atlanta

Jan 30, 2020

Alison Powers studied mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech and now works in Atlanta as the Head of Research and Innovation at thyssenkrupp Elevator. URBAN HUB talks with her about why Atlanta is such an innovative place to be, and the challenges women face in the field.

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Lunar New Year celebrations

Jan 21, 2020

The Lunar New Year follows an ancient calendar that combines lunar and solar elements and uses a repeating 60-year cycle based on elements of Asian astrology and philosophy. It is a time to celebrate and to travel. URBAN HUB looks at some spectacular celebrations around the world.


HoloLinc - individual solutions for an aging population

Jan 20, 2020

With our Mixed-Reality device, Microsoft HoloLens, our employees measure the area of our customers’ home where the stair lift is to be installed. In this way, all the necessary information and every contributing factor unique to each customer’s home is considered in the implementation of our stair lifts.

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London builds its future

Jan 15, 2020

London has been on a course of transformation for at least a decade and shows no signs of slowing. Never before in its history has London seen such record-breaking levels of construction. URBAN HUB looks at some of the buildings and projects set to change the look and feel of London.


Why a focus on long-term maintenance is a resilient business

Jan 13, 2020

Service is at the heart of our business and means more to us than just completing production chains and new installations.


The Magic Box

Jan 10, 2020

Technicians who can be on the road with the right spare parts in their car are a key factor in improving efficiency and service quality.


Globalization: Airports are the world’s crossroads

Jan 9, 2020

What began in 1903 with the first flight of the Wright brothers, has become one of the main means of transportation today. Globalization has made flying the new normal in the Western world and connects people all over the planet. Today's standard will advance extremely in the coming years.


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