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Velino: Designed to stand out

Our Velino escalator is the gold standard for prestigious commercial projects in shopping malls, convention centres and airports worldwide. Velino not only looks stunning, it operates at the highest level. Its reliable safety features and innovative technologies, combined with a wide array of design options, put this escalator in a class of its own.

Velino. Better by design.

  • 15 m

    Max rise

  • 27.3 | 30 | 35°


  • 600 | 800 | 1,000 mm

    Step width


Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

Lower lifecycle costs

Velino performs in a league of its own throughout its entire lifecycle. Its step chain, drive and other major components are designed to last, reducing your maintenance costs and ensuring greater availability.

Extensive customisation

Velino’s impressive choice of high-quality materials and attractive colours enable you to make a statement by creating your own unique escalator. Velino is always a perfect fit and sure to enhance your building’s overall appeal.

Compact dimensions

Retail space is valuable and needs to be maximised. As one of the most streamlined escalators on the market today, Velino adds value by optimising precious building space.

Quality workmanship

Beauty is in the details. When we manufacture your Velino, we pay close attention to the smallest detail to ensure a picture-perfect finish to your project.

Endless design possibilities

No two projects or installations are alike; each has its own character. So does every Velino. That’s because you get to choose from a multitude of design options. From the outer cladding and the decking to the balustrade glass and the handrail, every design detail is customisable. Our experts are always on hand to help you create an escalator that’s as unique as your project.


Velino’s endless handrail has no visible joints. The cover is made either of black rubber or plastic which comes in five standard colours or three special colours. Additional colours and patterns are available upon request.


Two types of balustrades are available: a slim balustrade without visible decking or a robust balustrade with an aluminium silver powder coating or brushed stainless steel decking. The balustrades are available with or without lighting options, and the handrail guide is made of galvanised stainless steel sheets.


The silver, black or stainless steel skirts are made of galvanised steel sheets or stainless steel with or without an aluminium lighting channel.

Balustrade glass

The balustrade’s 10-millimetre tempered safety glass is available in, among other colours, clear, azure, bronze and dark grey. Special colours are available upon request.

Front skirt with handrail inlet

Available in black plastic or stainless steel, the front skirt comes with our unique handrail inlet, eliminating the need for unsightly brushes or rubbers. Even better yet, a kick-resistant safety contact reduces stops, increasing Velino's availability.

Comb segments

The comb segments are available in brushed aluminium with or without yellow inserts, or yellow powder-coated aluminium.

Comb and cover plates

The combs and cover plates are highly customisable and provide a non-slip tread. Options include plain or black-ribbed aluminium, aluminium checker plate, or plain or etched black stainless steel.


The steps come in two standard configurations: silver or black with or without yellow demarcation lines. Other colours are available upon request.

Outer cladding

With Velino, you can opt for our unique and prestigious cladding concept with its nearly invisible joints and its invisible screws and rivets. A variety of standard colours, from gold and copper to ultramarine, and finishes are available, with additional colours available upon request.

Inner and outer decking

The inner and outer decking are made out of stainless steel or aluminium. The latter is available in five standard colours as well as additional colours upon request.

Lighting options

Velino’s diverse aesthetic, traffic and safety lighting possibilities, including truss, cladding and floor plate lighting options, enhance both the escalator’s functionality and appearance. Other special lighting is available upon request.

Putting safety first

Over 50 safety features and options mitigate the risk of incidents and injuries. Velino’s safety record includes an extensive range of motion safety devices and important features to secure building interfaces and ensure passenger safety, day in, day out.

Barrier plates

Handrail and newel deflectors: Protects people from being pulled along by the moving handrail

Fall protection

Safety curtains beside the balustrade: Prevents people from falling over the balustrade

Deflectors and access restrictions

Diverse solutions to secure building interfaces: Diminishes the risk of becoming trapped at ceiling openings

Unrivalled quality: Velino’s underlying beauty

Velino is not just beautiful on the outside. Its stunning technology makes this escalator stand out from the crowd in terms of safety, comfort, efficiency and sustainability.

Truss: Purposeful design, solidly manufactured

Our high-quality trusses are intelligently designed for efficient around-the-clock operation. They also meet the highest standards including Europe’s EN 1998 and EN 1090 requirements.

Continuously welded

Seals in oil

The welded bottom plate eliminates the need for silicone sealing and prevents oil leaks even after years of operation.

Smart connections

No transverse reinforcement

Connected via crossbeams, the truss needs no strutting, preventing the accumulation of dust and reducing the fire load.

Guiding system: Fit to purpose

Precise engineering and flawless manufacturing are key to ensuring the highest ride quality. With Velino’s superior guiding system, we ensure exceptional passenger comfort certified to ISO 18738-2.

Precise guide rails

Even step run

The guide rails are precisely aligned using best-in-class adjustment jigs to achieve a perfectly even step run for the highest ride comfort.

Guiding rollers

Reliable step run

The steps are guided on the track through a nose profile to reduce wear and tear, noise emissions and maintenance.

Smooth run rails

Jolt-free step run

The rails enable a smooth transition of the step chain rollers from the guide rails to the step chain sprocket, eliminating the polygon effect throughout the escalator and enhancing ride quality.

Operation: A focus on sustainability

While an escalator consumes minimal energy in a building, we strive to continuously improve our escalators’ performance and sustainability.

Energy efficiency class

Highest energy efficiency Class A+++

Based on the ISO 25745-3 standard and depending on your final configuration, Velino delivers the highest energy efficiency.

Energy-saving options

Up to 90% reduction in energy consumption

Velino’s LED lighting cuts energy consumption by up to 90%. You can further reduce the escalator’s CO2 footprint by opting for different operating modes like intermittent operation or for energy-efficiency features like Smart VVVF.

Latest motor technology

Premium efficiency motors

Our state-of-the-art premium efficiency motors reduce power consumption, have longer lifespans and minimise maintenance.

Specifications Velino
Max rise (metres) 15
Max capacity (people/hour) 7,300
Inclination (degrees) 27.3 | 30 | 35
Application Commercial
Step chain roller Inside
Location handrail drive Truss
Handrail shape U-shape
Climate conditions Indoor | Outdoor sheltered
Nominal step width (millimetres) 600 | 800 | 1,000
Speed (metres/second) 0.5 | 0.65
Horizontal run (millimetres) 800 | 1,200 | 1,600
Transition ­radii
Top | Bottom (millimetres)
1,050 | 1,050
1,500 | 1,050
Balustrade Slim | Robust
Aesthetic lights Balustrade | Skirt | Truss | Ambient cladding | Soffit cladding
Traffic lights Floor plate | Decking | Column
Safety lights Step gap | Comb plate
Drive unit Chain drive
Possible energy efficency class A+++

We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations aid the general understanding and may differ from the actual design.