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enta100 GD
Going beyond the essentials

  • Max height Max height 25m
  • Max speed Max speed 1m/s
  • Max load Max load 544kg

Makes business sense

Reduced construction cost and efficient space utilization provides value for money.

Gives peace of mind

Engineered to meet TK Elevator standards, which are based on stringent German product design criteria.

Brightens up your building

Multiple car interior design options to compliment your building ambience.


The value for money solution for your low-rise residential buildings.

TK Elevator’s, enta100 GD is a reliable and best valued elevator that has been designed to fulfil the needs of low rise, value for money segment. Its smart mechanical design and cost saving features not only match the essential needs of the Indian market, but also go beyond them.

Makes business sense

enta100 GD is your trustworthy, value for money elevator solution that meets Indian market needs.

Cost effective, faster installation

enta100 GD comes with surface mounted fixtures, which are faster and easier to install.

Multiple car and shaft size options

It comes in 7 popular shaft and car sizes to cater to Indian market needs.

Optimum space utilization

ACO / ATO door options further ensure optimal building space utilization.

Gives peace of mind

enta100 GD's reliable engineering and cost efficient operations provides peace of mind to the users.

Engineered to match TK Elevator standards

enta100 GD is engineered to match TK Elevator standards based on stringent German product design criteria.

Reduced energy bill

• Energy efficient components and features ensure cost efficient operations throughout a building's life.

• Car fan swtiches off after a predefined time when the elevator is not in use, thus reduces energy bill.

Designed for a safe ride

• Active safety features such as overload notification, full load by-pass and full height light curtains ensures passenger safety.

• Passive safety features such as emergency light and alarm in the COP, automatic rescue device (ARD) and fireman switch adds to passenger safety.

Brightens up your building

4 functional cabin design options.

Brighten up your building with enta100 GD's functional car interiors, developed by our design team based on applicable interior trends.


enta100GD Stylish moodboard

"A mix of soothing and vibrant pastel shades imbues positivity and calmness in the atmosphere."

enta100 GD design team


enta100GD Stylish moodboard

"Elegant Stainless Steel finishes give a contemporary look and feel to the elevator."

enta100 GD design team

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