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Important Notice:

Recent hoax emails

Beware of phishing!

We have identified hoax e-mails fraudulently using TK Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s name (tkE Malaysia or thyssenkrupp Elevator Malaysia). These hoax emails from unknown sources are issued with the ultimate fraudulent purpose of eliciting funds from our customers. To protect you and your business from these attacks, here are some advice to identify real emails from us.

Identify real emails.

If you are not sure if the email you received is a real email or a hoax, check these simple elements:


    We will only send you emails from the email domain above.

  • No third party.

    We never instruct our customers to make T/T remittance or money transfer to any third party bank account other than our own.

  • No instructions via email.

    If we change our payment instructions, we will only announce it officially via a letter signed by our authorised director.

Check our account information

We conduct all our business and financial transactions through our official bank account. You can check the details to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate instruction.

  • Bank location

    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

  • Beneficiary

    TK Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • Account details

    Bank : HSBC, JLN SULTAN, 46200 PJ // Account No : 202-348421-101

A note from our management.

The fraudulent attempts were done through hoax emails sent from email addresses impersonating as personnel of TK Elevator Malaysia (using an email domain address appearing similar to that of TK Elevator Malaysia).

They appear as communication related to our business transactions in which they demand our customers to alter payment information or instructions under false pretences, such as making threats to commence legal action if our customer fails to make payment, and then requesting our customers to make payment to a third party company and a third party bank account for all monies payable under our business transactions.

These fraudulent emails are in no way affiliated with TK Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd and should not be regarded as such. We would like to stress that we have never issued or authorised the issuance of such emails or communication to any of our customers for the instructions to make any payment via bank transfer, T/T remittance or cheque/bank draft issuance to any other company name, address and bank account at all.

Further, we want to inform you that any payment to such unauthorised persons does not release you of a payment due to us pursuant to the invoices issued in our business transaction. Please do not hesitate to contact our designated credit control officer, [] should you have any further queries or concerns regarding any payment issues.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
James Leong
Managing Director
TK Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd (formerly known as thyssenkrupp Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd)

Notice update: 28th of August 2020