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TK Elevator supports the efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We do this by applying strict internal safety and hygiene measures in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the applicable provisions of government authorities, as well as organizational measures to ensure the special protection of our employees.

At the same time, as one of the world's leading service providers, we have a responsibility to ensure ongoing mobility in buildings, especially for crucial infrastructures such as health and public facilities. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our services remain fully available to all customers. We ask for your understanding in the event that delays occur due to official restrictions. Only the safety and health protection of our employees can guarantee the full continuation of our business activities.

Information on service

  • Our service teams are still on duty when it comes to preventive maintenance activities and call-backs of elevator and escalator systems to ensure the availability of your systems. All emergency call services are still in place and fully operational.
  • Please continue to report issues by telephone or according to the individually agreed processes.
  • We will inform our customers in quarantine areas individually (e.g. in order to discuss options for ensuring emergency rescue, etc.). If the information does not reach you, please contact the respective branches.
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How you can support our service technicians now

Safety first!

Please understand that our service technicians are currently paying very close attention to compliance with hygiene and safety regulations at the work site and are applying these to a greater extent themselves. No activity is so urgent that it cannot be performed safely.

Work confirmations

When confirming work reports, please pay special attention to hand hygiene, spatial distance and try to complete the process together with our employees without contact.

Point out dangers

If you require services in exposed locations (health care facilities, retirement homes, etc.), we request that you instruct our staff on any new safety regulations and, if necessary, provide accompanying persons or protective equipment.

Cleanliness of installation

Also in the interest of the passengers, make sure that your systems are cleaned carefully - not only inside the elevator cabins, but also the landing controls and the handrails of escalators.

No direct contact

Our technicians are instructed to strictly avoid interpersonal contact. Please excuse our staff for keeping their distance, as well as refraining from shaking hands and conducting small talk. Please also refrain from doing the same.

Thank you!

On behalf of all TK Elevator service technicians we would like to thank you for your support.

New installation and modernization projects

  • Currently ongoing installation and modernization projects are secured from our side based on the current situation. Customers will be notified if, for example, there are delays in deliveries due to border controls. However, we request that you inform us if assembly dates are cancelled or postponed by the customer.
  • Even though our manufacturing plants are affected by challenges in light of the Coronavirus outbreak colleagues at the production sites are doing everything possible to maintain an unhindered supply chain.
  • If construction sites comply with hygiene and safety requirements and there is no danger to our employees, work is carried out in accordance with the contract (subject to official restrictions).
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Branches, administration and customer appointments

  • All locations of TK Elevator continue to have limited staff, but we ask for your understanding that unannounced visits are not possible and that external persons are not permitted to enter.
  • To protect their health and in accordance with the recommendations of government authorities, our office staff will work remotely whenever possible. We have the corresponding remote working infrastructure including digital work processes, which means that our customer service in sales and administration is still available to you practically without restriction (exception: fax).
  • We can provide you with necessary documents (invoices, work confirmations etc.) in digital form.
  • We are happy to offer digital alternatives for consultation appointments with our sales staff. Our employees are well equipped in terms of digital communication and can organize virtual meetings via the available online tools.
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Stay healthy and safe!