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Remote real time monitoring

Monitor and interact with units in real-time on any web enabled device. The intuitive Management Center dashboard displays comprehensive status data and sends instant alerts to users.

Control & schedule your units

Manage units individually or in groups, schedule operation modes and instantly respond to events as they occur using the integrated live / recorded video option.

Real time statistics & report analysis

Generate real time data and analysis on every aspect of unit performance using standard and customised reports.

Optimise building operations anywhere - anytime

INSIGHT enables you to optimise building operations by monitoring, controlling and scheduling units from anywhere and at any time. With INSIGHT's web-enabled solution accessible on all your devices, you are always on top of your elevator and escalator operations, wherever they are located.

With INSIGHT, the real time status of your units is delivered directly to your web device. Instant alerts and video monitoring empower you to act at any time, anywhere.

Easy access, anytime, anywhere

Accessible via web browser on any fixed or mobile device, INSIGHT ensures that regardless of whether you are at your desk or on the move, the complete picture is always at your fingertips.

Collective monitoring

At-a-glance monitoring of units, either collectively or individually, is made possible by our intuitive user interfaces. Easily know the status of your units in real time through various availabe views.

Instant notification

Pop-up notifications are immediately triggered when a fault is detected on any unit, enabling instant action to be taken. Simultaneous email notifications guarantee that all users are aware, guaranteeing the fastest possible response.

Video monitoring

Live video feeds and recording options help you to see events and incidents as they occur; ensuring that the most effective decisions are taken, instantly.

Control every unit remotely in real-time and schedule operations in advance, from anywhere.

Real time remote control

Use INSIGHT to instantly change operating modes, re-designate destinations and efficiently manage events. Integrated video options improve reaction times and ensure the smoothest possible operations.

Scheduling made easy

Advance scheduling of unit operations is simplicity itself with INSIGHT. Optimize traffic flow, improve the passenger experience and significantly reduce energy consumption by scheduling preferred modes for nights, weekends, high/low traffic periods and unique events - all in advance, from anywhere.

Understand your building operations using INSIGHT's statistical and reporting capabilities to provide key insights for decision-making and optimal operations.

Run statistics in real-time

Fully understand performance and traffic patterns using INSIGHT’s built-in statistical reporting tools.

Unit reports

Performance reports for each unit can be user-defined by choosing from a menu of data fields and are then generated automatically for weekly and/or monthly email delivery.