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 synergy 100 elevator

Pure and efficient

synergy 100 elevator

synergy 100 is the perfect solution for small residential buildings. Its compact new car design, proven functionality and efficient installation deliver an outstanding price-performance ratio.

synergy 100. Guaranteed performance at the right price.

  • 45 m

    Travel height

  • 1.0 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,000 kg

    Maximum capacity

synergy 100

Perfect for the following applications

  • Compelling value

    synergy 100 elevator is our most competitive value for money solution for low-rise residential building owners and developers everywhere.

  • Just the right functionality

    Just the functionality you require from a modern elevator to economically meet your tenants’ mobility needs.

  • Reliable performance

    There are no surprises with synergy 100. Its proven design and components translate into reliable performance that you and your tenants can count on.

The easy solution that meets all your mobility needs.

Energy efficiency

Components such as gearless drive technology, along with long-lasting LED lighting and an optional sleep mode for electronic devices, deliver Class A energy efficiency.

Excellent comfort and accessibility

In addition to synergy 100’s smooth ride, low noise levels and precise stops, an optional EN 81-70-compliant model ensures optimal accessibility for people with disabilities.

Rapid delivery and installation

A rigorous modular structure, standardized options and scaffoldless installation translate into short delivery and installation times.

High reliability

Proven components, high-quality construction and materials make synergy 100 the dependable residential passenger transportation solution, operating at 1.0 metres per second.

Best-in-class shaft efficiency

Whether you choose standard dimensions for overhead and pit or a version with reduced dimensions - synergy 100 is best-in-class.

Enhanced safety

Our synergy elevators meet the additional and more stringent elevator safety requirements of the current EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards, enabling you to consistently put your tenants’ well-being first.

"Decades of experience in elevator technology means that you can rely on our expertise and efficient service that is carried out by around 25,000 service technicians worldwide."

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Design line F

Design line F

The finish options of the F design line combine timeless, clean designs with attractive and durable materials.

Design your F design cabin now!

Wall designs




Steel Look

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Linen


Handrail Chrome Plated Straight

Handrail Stainless Steel Satin Straight


Slim LED Plate


Nature Black

Concrete Chalk

Concrete Dark Grey



Find the right dimension for your synergy 100

Make the most of your building space and find the optimal dimensions for your new synergy 100 cabin. For new installations, you can simply find the smallest possible shaft dimensions for a specific cabin size.


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    synergy 100 brochure

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