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Performance you can rely on

Our tugela escalator was designed with high passenger volumes in mind and has been based on a public traffic load pattern. tugela moves people safely in high-traffic areas – all over the world and in all kinds of climates. With dependable technology and components, this escalator is an exceptionally reliable partner.

Simplifies your project planning

From low­ to heavy-duty environments, with compact dimensions, tugela gives you all the flexibility you need.

Keeps your passengers moving

Smart safety features, durable materials and our cloud­based predictive maintenance solution MAX ensure reliable transport in high­traffic areas.

Certainty in making the right choice

tugela was designed to withstand wear and tear, even after years of high­peak use.

Sustainability pays off – with energy-efficient escalator solutions

These escalators put energy efficiency into operational practice to lower your building’s carbon footprint, improve your environmental image, and boost your bottom line.

Energy-efficient lighting

State-of-the-art LED technology lasts longer than conventional lighting and is up to 80% more energy-efficient than halogen lighting.

Energy-saving operations

Depending on your load cases, operational modes such as standby or sleep mode and the regenerative drive option can help make your escalator more energy efficient.

Lower environmental impact

By continuously improving our escalator solutions, we minimize their environmental impact in product lifecycle assessments.

Play it safe in high-traffic areas

First-class components, more than 50 safety devices and options that go beyond the specifications – tugela is a safe choice for highly frequented traffic areas.

Proactive safety

Anti-slipping mats on the cover plates prevent passengers from slipping and falling. Safety curtains, which are installed parallel to the balustrades and are higher than them, further reduce the risk of passengers falling over the side of an escalator.

Hygienic safety

Touched by every passenger, handrails are high­risk surfaces for bacteria and virus transmission. A handrail sanitization system ensures continuous disinfection of the handrail while the escalator is in motion. Installed in the interior of the escalator, the module uses UV-C wavelengths to continuously eliminate microbes from the handrail surface.


The installation of a continuous broken step monitoring that runs along the full length of the escalator prevents passengers from severe injuries in case of step sagging or breakage. Skirt monitoring stops the unit if jamming occurs. The system can even distinguish between different types of jamming and adjust operation accordingly: it thus mitigates the risk of and also reduces downtime due to false alarms.

Eye catchers for more safety

Safety lighting plays a key role in any escalator lighting scheme. It increases users' awareness of where special care is needed to reduce accident risk. tugela features illumination of the step gap in blue or green in combination with comb plate lighting at the entrance and exit. A traffic light column is particularly visible even from a long distance and enables an optimal flow of people. tugela also offers traffic lights in the floor plate, inner decking or in the newel. Accentuating comb and cover plates ensure more safety and an eye catching look.

"Decades of experience in elevator and escalator technology means that you can rely on our expertise and efficient service that is carried out by around 25,000 service technicians worldwide."

Learn more about the comprehensive maintenance and support services we provide.

Simplifies your project planning

From low­ to heavy duty environments, tugela gives you all the flexibility you need in any environment. tugela provides core traffic functions for reliable performance, but also many optional traffic features, as well as a variety of design options to choose from.

Keeps your passengers moving

tugela combines smart component design with advanced cloud-ready technology that enables predictive maintenance. A cutting-edge mix for smooth, reliable operation.

Certified step design

tugela‘s safe step design exceeds regulatory requirements for static loads and slide properties. That means reliability and durability in any environment.

Brake wear monitoring

The drive is automatically switched off as soon as brake pad wear is detected. This helps prevent malfunctions and indicates the need for maintenance.

Step fastening: engineered to perform

Our unique fastening concept uses hollow axles that connect the steps and chain using solid bolts. The result? Easier installation, operation and maintenance. Oil caps at the end of the hollow axle prevent oil from leaking and polluting the step tread or riser, keeping steps clean and safe.

Control system: reliability at the fingertips

Our certified TK Elevator control system guarantees the performance you need thanks to decades of experience in the escalator sector. It is highly flexible to meet any individual needs. On top of that, our control system is digitally enabled, which opens unlimited possibilities, from smart predictive maintenance to building management systems.

Certainty in making the right choice

tugela’s superior performance and longevity are the result of first-class design processes, advanced manufacturing systems and high-quality components, particularly engineered for infrastructure applications.

Drive unit: designed for 20 years life time

tugela’s drive units are designed for 20 years’ life time and traffic load patterns. The gear drive reduces the maintenance effort and increases the overall drive performance.

Main shaft: designed for high loads

The main shaft is designed to handle increased load requirements. tugela is equipped with an optional forced parallel run device that prevents unequal elongation of the step chains due to passenger behavior –like standing on one side only.

Clever force transmission

The gear drive helps avoid drive chain elongation, reduces the maintenance effort and increases the overall drive performance. The arch shaped newel balustrade with roller band inside, guides the newel head with an equal load distribution on moving parts and thus ensures increased lifetime. The tensioning station equipped with a return shaft guides the step chain roller in the transition, distributing loads and reducing wear.


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