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Create a healthy environment

Touchless controls, ongoing air sanitization and socially distanced traffic flow improves air quality and surface hygiene for a fresher, safer passenger experience.

Optimize your operation

Controlled access and efficient traffic management help reduce crowding to provide healthier journeys.

Manage your buidling

Integrated video monitoring and remote operations provides peace of mind and keep business running safely and in full control from any location.

New behaviors for our new world

As we get used to our 'new normal', mobility needs to evolve in-step with the many changes in normal life. Whether this is to accommodate greater social distancing, sanitizing spaces and surfaces; or reducing crowding by optimizing building operations, we are totally committed to delivering healthy solutions.

Make every elevator and escalator a healthier space.

Many millions of people travel on elevators, escalators and moving walks every day. Sharing spaces and touching surfaces is a normal part of everyday life, so we are committed to working with you to ensure your passenger’s well-being.

Solutions for the following buildings

Touchless smartphone elevator calling

Avoids touching call buttons - just scan the QR code to call the elevator and select the destination floor in the app after boarding.

In-car solutions for better health

In-car card reader

Touchless card readers reduce passenger contact to maintain hygienic surfaces.

Healthy atmosphere

Powerful air-conditioning and air-purifying for a fresh and healthy in-car environment.


In-car screens, alerts and chimes communicate clearly to passengers and programmable multi-media content can include healthy travel alerts and advice.

Camera in car

With in-car cameras, you can monitor your units for security and health risks.

Continuous handrail sanitization to enhance passenger safety

Hidden handrail sanitizers inside the truss kill pathogens with intense UV light, with no risk of hand or clothing entrapment.

Optimized operations mean a healthier environment.

Building tenants and passengers enjoy a healthier environment when operations are optimized. Reduced crowding, less waiting, short journey times and efficient cabin allocation all enable distancing and add up to a healthier building.

Solutions for buildings with access control

Well managed traffic method to facilitate social distancing.

AGILE Destination Control's built-in card readers allow passengers to access designated floors without touching buttons.

Reduced queuing at peak times, less waiting and short journey times reduce passenger interaction, make distancing easier and reduce infection risks. Put simply, AGILE mean less crowding and healthier journeys.

Direct travel access control

With personal IC cards, every resident and tenant has a touchless in-car experience. Once the control panel proximity reader has identified the passengers, the elevator is directed to their programmed floors without them having to touch a single button to get there.

Detect and react to health risks in real-time

Buildings have to stay open and during high risk periods, distance has to be maintained between tenants, management and our maintenance engineers. We keep business running by minimizing contact, maximizing communication and providing tools to manage units remotely.

Detect and react to health risks in real-time with INSIGHT

Monitor, control and schedule units from anywhere and at any time with INSIGHT, our web-enabled management solution. Use video monitoring to detect health risks, direct any elevator to a specific floor, modify or suspend operations for cleaning, sanitization or crowd management.

The INSIGHT web interface offers full functionality on any connected device, regardless of location. So whether it is business as usual, working from home or social distancing, building management is always in full control of healthy operations.

Keep your visitors informed with AGILE kiosk

Customize the DSC's touch screens using AGILE Design Center and communicate healthcare, hygiene and distancing reminders with personalized graphics. Messages can be updated 24/7 by the building management, directly from a central computer.

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