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TK Elevator brings you advanced elevator and escalator sanitizing and touch-free elevator calling solutions to provide protection from the COVID-19 infection risks.

As the coronavirus is still active in our cities, it is important to ensure that elevators and escalators used by million of people every day remain a safe and efficient method of transportation. Our solutions will protect you from germ transmission by ensuring that your equipment is properly sanitized and it requires minimum contact.

Clean air

Germ free environment

Clean air

Air purifier

  • Our cabin air purifier has been designed with dual disinfection technology to sanitize and purify cabin air and walls. It's powerful wholly-enclosed UV photo catalyst and Germagic slow-released molecules can effectively eliminate over 99% bacteria and other harmful pathogens from the air.

    Further, it's biological recognition technology can successfully recognize whether there are passengers on board. It also ensures that the elevator is disinfected before every service to safeguard all passenger's health to the greatest extent.

Infrared thermal camera

One of our cabin wellness solutions is an unobtrusive infrared thermal camera, which monitors each passenger's body temperature as they enter the cabin. This triggers alerts that can also enable building management to track and notify passengers who may be unwell.

Germ free environment

Aerosol disinfectant

Our aerosol disinfectant dispenser can be programmed to operate during working hours to sanitize the elevator cabin. By regularly delivering a safe antiviral and antibacterial spray, a clean and secure environment for passengers can be maintained at all times.

Escalator UV Sanitizing Unit

Escalator handrail is one of the highest risk surfaces of all, as handrails are touched by every passenger. To make handrails free from any pathogens and to prevent the disease transmission at all times, TK Elevator has launched a high intensity UV sanitizing unit. These units automatically sanitize every inch of the handrail on every pass, to make it safe for everyone.

Introducing touch-free elevator calling solutions

In order to take our customer's safety and convenience to the next level amidst the COVID-19 scare, we have introduced multiple solutions that enable users to operate elevators without touching any panels/buttons.

We are offering following six types of solutions:
1) Active IR, proximity sensor based solution
2) Bluetooth based solution, operated using smartphones
3) QR code scanner based solution, operated using smartphones
4) IoT based solution (needs WiFi internet)
5) Voice recognition based solution

All these solutions are user friendly, cost effective, easy to implement and requires minimal hardware. Just call our technical expert, understand the attribute of each and we will organize a product demo for you. With COVID-19 cases rising it's urgent to opt for no touching, no virus transmission, no hassles and no worries because your safety demands it.

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