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meta100 Brings extra to every mid rise

Our meta100 solution will bring the extra your building deserves. With a compact configuration that is fast to install, bright cabin designs and the peace of mind of TK Elevator stringent German engineering, it is the perfect solution for your mid-rise residential building.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 90 m

    Travel height

  • 1.75 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,020 kg

    Maximum capacity


Perfect for the following application

Key benefits

meta100 key benefits
Increase your earnings

Compact car size needs a smaller shaft, optimizes the building’s floor space and increases building rental earnings.

Sustainable car lighting features

LED lights consumes 50% less energy and has 4x life, comes with an Auto ‘switch-off’ feature when elevator is not in use.

Reliable doors

The door design prevents forced opening and ensures the safety of the user.

Energy efficient motor design

Energy efficient gearless and light weight permanent magnetic synchronous motor & inverter keeps your energy bill low.


meta100 adds colour, style and aesthetic value to your building. It offers 8 stylish car interiors to choose from, selected by our design experts. Carefully selected accessories and fixtures provide a great user experience.


meta100 Stylish moodboard

"Our contemporary designs were created looking at scandinavian interior settings, influenced by local taste"

meta100 design team

Natural home

meta100 Stylish moodboard

"With our Natural home car interior, we wanted to re-create a cosy, warm and comfortable interior setting."

meta100 design team


meta100 Stylish moodboard

"We created a stylish interior design with a touch of luxury"

meta100 design team

Modern freshness

"Brings in relaxing & warm ambience with a welcoming look."

meta100 design team

Make the smart move to greater efficiency

Designed to maximize traffic flow, AGILE Destination Control optimizes elevator efficiency, enhances building security and ensures that every journey is a smooth one.