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Elevator Maintenance Service Offering

Professional elevator maintenance has a great impact on our daily lives. Elevators provide seamless vertical mobility in various settings such as offices, residential and commercial buildings. They are complex mechanical systems that require regular maintenance to operate efficiently and safely. Routine elevator maintenance not only prevents unexpected breakdowns, but also extends the lifespan of your elevators and can help prevent costly repairs.

As a property owner or manager, it is therefore important that you work with a professional and trustworthy partner to service your elevators. As a global leader in the elevator industry TK Elevator is uniquely positioned to provide you world-class elevator maintenance services. Our services include: regular elevator maintenance, inspections, elevator repairs and emergency services. Get in touch with us to receive a proposal that exactly matches your service needs and budget requirements.

Elevator Maintenance Services for All Major Elevator Brands

As a leading German engineering company, we have a profound understanding of all types of elevators. We can therefore offer competent maintenance for all types of elevators, made by different elevator manufacturers with genuine spare parts. Through our global network, we provide cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient solutions to prolong the life of your elevators and escalators.

What is included in our Elevator Maintenance Services?

Safe and professional elevator maintenance requires professional training, specific tools and expertise. The maintenance of an elevator can vary depending on the type of elevator and according to the model and year of manufacture. Typical elevator maintenance involves a number of steps including:

1. Inspection of the elevator system with visual inspection, safety and functional checks

Regular maintenance of an elevator system begins with a thorough inspection of all safety-relevant components. Important parts of the elevator system are examined for signs of wear in order to identify and correct possible problems at an early stage. We also measure the rope tension. Poor rope tension can lead to premature rope wear and also damage the traction sheave. This results in costly repairs. Uneven voltage is another area that can cause issues: it can lead to an increase in the energy consumption of the elevator, which also creates avoidable extra cost.

2. Lubrication work and lubricant

Lubricating moving parts is an indispensable elevator maintenance task. Proper lubrication helps reduce friction and therefore wear. By using suitable lubricants, friction is reduced and the sliding properties of moving components are optimized. This preventive measure aims to extend the lifespan of components, maintain the elevators' proper functioning and prevent costly repairs.

3. Adjustment and readjustment work

Regular adjustment and adjustment work must be carried out on various parts of an elevator. An example for this is adjusting the door parameters. In daily operations, elevator doors are one of the most common sources of issues. Other important parts that may need to be adjusted include the elevator brakes or the hook latch.

4. Checking and replacing engine/gear oil

The mechanical components of elevators require careful monitoring and, if required, refilling or replacing engine and gear oil.

5. Technical cleaning

It is important to remove dust and dirt from mechanical and lubricated components. This prevents a dust-oil mixture from building up. Dust built-up has an abrasive effect and can even become a fire hazard. We dispose of removed lubricants professionally.

6. Changing the traction sheave

The traction sheave converts the rotary movement of the motor into the linear movement of the elevator car. Prolonged use can cause wear to the grooves of the traction sheave, which in turn can damage the elevator rope. It is therefore important to inspect the traction sheaves regularly to prevent major repairs and to replace the traction sheave if necessary.

7. Maintenance and inspection of shaft ventilation components

At the upper end of the elevator shaft there is an opening that ensures proper ventilation and, in the event of a fire, also removes smoke from the shaft. This opening must be checked regularly.

8. Test equipment
(electronic testing system)

There are various electronic systems in an elevator. The correct functioning of these systems must be checked regularly. Examples of this include testing the emergency call system, electrical protective devices and the elevator control panel.

We have years of experience servicing elevators from various manufacturers. That's why we also offer expert maintenance for all types of elevators in any type of building.

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Why You Should Choose TK Elevator as Your Elevator Maintenance Service Partner

No matter which elevators you operate: We ensure a timely delivery of genuine spare parts and guarantee conformity with all relevant regulatory and safety standards. Our professional elevator technicians are well trained and have many years of experience servicing elevators.

One Service Company for All Lifts? We've Made it Our Business!

Every one of our service technicians draws on the expertise and capabilities of our International Technical Services (ITS) network, which brings together the knowledge and experience of all our specialists worldwide. From technical know-how to spare parts supply, ITS support is what makes our service globally unique. In addition to that, our wide network of service branches allows us to work flexibly, to reach your building fast and to deliver a consistent and reliable service offering throughout the entire country.

A Global Network, Locally Available.

Our technicians are never far away and go through rigorous training to know exactly how to keep your elevators in top shape. We utilize the latest German technologies to carry out maintenance work as efficiently as possible. As a market leader in the field of elevator digitalization, we are even able to identify errors and problems before they cause an elevator malfunction.

Why Regular Elevator Maintenance is Important

Regularly servicing your elevators is not just a choice but a necessity. An elevator that is not appropriately serviced may break down, have malfunctions, or even cause accidents. To learn more about this, read our blog post on determining the optimum elevator maintenance frequency.

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