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Moving walks

Moving walks

Making life flow better

Our innovative and versatile moving walks are enhancing mobility in large airports, railway stations and other public and commercial spaces worldwide. They transport people with luggage and shopping carts safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Our distinctive portfolio includes moving walkways with features that you won’t find elsewhere. For increased capacity, orinoco’s unique 1,600-millimeter-wide pallets are the ideal solution. For easy and rapid installation, iwalk’s breakthrough pitless configuration saves precious space.

Whatever TK Elevator moving walk you choose, you’ll benefit from the perfect blend of next-generation safety, design, reliability and, of course, customer support.

Smart product design

  • Exceptional pallet width

    1,600mm for more transport capacity

  • Unique pit solutions

    Semi-pit or pitless models for easy installation

  • Unique product concept

    Modular design for efficient transportation

Superior product quality

  • Extensive in-house testing

    Reliable product performance

  • Solid truss structure

    Code-certified welding

  • Excellent environmental record

    Reduced components and materials

Compelling features and options

  • Intelligent energy efficiency

    Usage-based modes of operation

  • Stunning aesthetics

    Limitless design options

  • Industry-leading safety

    Over 50 safety features

orinoco: The versatile moving walk

orinoco is the perfect solution for people using trolleys and shopping carts. It lets them easily cover distances of up to 200 metres. And its unique 1,600-millimeter-wide pallets mean more passengers travel in greater comfort. With configurations ranging from light to rugged, orinoco is always streamlined, ergonomic and technically sophisticated.

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iwalk: The easy-to-install moving walk

Easy to transport, easy to handle, easy to install – these are a few of the reasons for the increasing popularity of our modular iwalk system. Its pitless configuration also allows you to place iwalk directly on a finished floor, eliminating the need for additional costly civil works.

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Moving walk comparison

Specification orinoco iwalk
Max length | Rise (metres) 200 | 9 100
Max capacity (people/hour) 8,200 7,300
Inclination (degrees) 0-6 | 10 | 12 0-6
Configuration Pit Semi-pit | Pitless
Application Commercial | Traffic Commercial | Traffic
Step chain roller Inside Not applicable
Location handrail drive Truss Truss
Handrail shape U-shape | V-shape U-shape
Climate conditions Indoor | Outdoor Indoor | Outdoor
Nominal step width (millimetres) 800 | 1,000 | 1,200 |
1,400 | 1,600
1,100 | 1,400
Speed (metres/second) 0.5 | 0.65 | 0.75 0.5 | 0.65
Version of upper and lower part Short | Short
Long | Short
Long | Long
Not applicable
Balustrade Slim | Robust | Metal | Sandwich Slim | Slim with decking
Aehstetic lights Balustrade | Skirt | Truss |
Ambient cladding |
Soffit cladding
Balustrade | Skirt
Traffic lights Floor plate | Decking |
Newel | Column
Floor plate | Front skirt | Column
Safety lights Step gap | Comb plate Step gap
Drive unit Chain drive | Direct drive Direct drive
Possible energy efficency class A+++ A+++

We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations aid the general understanding and may differ from the actual design.