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Extend your elevator and escalator's lifespan

Elevators and escalators age like the rest of us. This means, one day you’ll face the challenge of modernizing your system to increase carrying capacity or comfort, reduce energy costs or upgrade equipment in line with current standards.

We leverage our extensive know-how to efficiently combine our high-quality components with your existing system to create a next-generation installation that meets your requirements and current standards and regulations – all while increasing the value of your building.

We start by understanding your need and your current equipment to ensure the best fit every time. The end result is the right solution for your residential or public building, office or hotel.

Modernized elevators

Perfectly tailored to your requirements

Working closely with you, we develop the right solution to meet all of your requirements, partial modernization or a full replacement for your elevator system. We also ensure excellence in terms of solution quality, flexibility, precision and efficiency.

For every project, we use our system solutions and first-class elevator components with a bespoke approach. Our on-site modernization team focuses on preserving what is worth retaining and adapting new products to fit existing assets.

Modernization lowers repair costs, reduces faults and increases energy savings while improving comfort, efficiency, safety and aesthetics.

Top reasons to modernize


Proactively ensure your equipments keeps running smoothly

Safety and operator responsibility

Full system compliance with current standards and regulations

Energy efficiency

Reduce costs and environmental footprint

Design and comfort

Give your equipment the style your building deserves.

Transport capacity

A multitude of ways to get more people transported and reduce waiting time

Special requirements

You have specific needs for your elevator? Our team willl help making your dreams come true.

Modernization solutions: Efficiency and flexibility on every scale

You can count on our exceptionally broad range of support, from smaller upgrade projects to full replacement systems, to deliver maximum quality and results.

Our work starts with a professional analysis and, together with you, an inspection of the elevator. This allows our specialists to provide detailed advice on your modernization options while taking all of your individual needs into account.

When a simple upgrade is required, our re|new packages provide a fast and easy way to keep your equipment up to date.

For partial modernization, solutions start with individual components, and even in the event of a replacement system, we enable you to take a flexible approach to the building interface. This way, no dust is created, a structural engineer's services are not required, and noisy construction work can be avoided.

In some cases, the entire elevator must be replaced. Our engineers will make sure to build a solution perfectly fitting your specific situation.


Small measures, big impact

You want to upgrade the experience of your building?

With our re|new packages, you can keep your equipment up-to-date without the need for a full-scale replacement or modernization project.

Regardless of the age of your equipment, our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet your precise needs and enhance the value of your building.


Minimizing risks for passengers and personnel is of paramount importance to every building owner. Retro-fitting safety features to your equipment doesn’t have to be a complex process.


As technology improves over time, so to do the standards of reliability. These new technologies can be seamlessly integrated to your existing equipment.

Energy efficiency

Reducing your buildings overall energy consumption is easier than you think.


In modern architecture, elevators are not just a means of moving between floors, but are increasingly becoming architectural eye catchers as well.


Keeping passengers comfortable while riding elevators is one more way of building owners to enhance their property’s appeal. And we have a variety of solutions on hand


Securing your building is one of the most important obligations you as a building owner has to your tenants.

Partial modernization

Get your equipment the upgrade it deserves

Do you have a modernization project? We're sure to have the ideal solution, no matter the age or type of your elevator technology. This includes:

  • Safety and reliability upgrades
  • A new look for the cabin and entrance
  • Upgrades required by the authorities
  • Enhanced comfort
  • More functionality (e.g. access control)
  • Optimizing energy consumption

You can count on us to identify and install the most efficient solution in your building. Our focus is always on perfecting the interaction between new and existing components, and adapt to the different equipment brands already in your building. Even the smallest measures equip your system with new functionalities, the highest reliability and enhanced safety.

Full replacement

Compact. Adaptable. Powerful.

If you’re replacing your old elevator system, we offer a wide range of options with or without a machine room.

The challenge with replacements is that every elevator shaft is different; door spaces and ceiling openings vary from building to building. To maintain your building's support structure, we strive to keep the ceiling openings and door lintel supports as they are, and to use the existing guide rail fastening systems, if possible.

We take ‘made to measure’ very seriously. Our system solutions, make the best possible use of the existing shaft and avoid additional masonry, cutting and painting. This not only limits your costs, it also reduces the amount of dust and noise produced by the modernization.

Our solutions range from very small elevator systems to our high-end TWIN® system. The latter offers entirely new possibilities for expanding transport capacity within the same shaft footprint.


Fast. Space-saving. Innovative.

Wherever existing elevators have reached their capacity and there is too little space to install additional ones, our space-saving TWIN® innovation is the ideal solution. It features two independent cabins, one above the other, in a single elevator shaft.

Advanced components: Perfection down to the smallest detail

If you're looking for first-class components, you've come to the right place. We offer high-quality elevator components with flexible interfaces for use in existing structures and systems, individually or in combination.

Our commitment to the highest quality is reflected in the efficiency, safety, innovation, reliability and convenience of every one of our products. Together our elevator components form an intelligent and seamless system solution.

Essential components at a glance

Control technology

Intelligent, future-proof, high-performance controllers for optimum ride quality


Permanent monitoring and fast response times for ideal system usage


Drive solutions that offer a long service life and outstanding value for money

Traction machines

Performant and energy efficient solutions for your equipment.

Cabin design

Options that perfectly meld functionality, design and your individual vision

Doors and access control

Reliable door systems that guarantee maximum safety and optimum availability

Control elements

Innovative control elements and displays that redefine usability, accessibility and more.

Safety components and accessories

Additional assemblies for elevator shafts and machine rooms, including individual components for making the corrections stipulated in safety evaluations

Modernized escalators and moving walks

The right solution for every need

In addition to bringing your elevators up to date, we also modernize your escalators, moving walks, exterior access systems and other passenger mobility systems. For escalators and moving walks, we replace individual components such as steps and handrails, or if necessary, the entire system.

If you choose to completely modernize your escalator, time is usually of the essence, which is why we recommend a replacement system as the fastest solution. We also offer modernization measures to help boost your system’s energy efficiency such as:

  • Energy Efficiency Controller (EEC)
  • LED lighting
  • Skirt brushes