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A diligent business decision.

Modernization will save on costly maintenance and repair bills with upgraded, energy efficient equipment, and more reliable components for reduced downtime.

Get back in control.

Ensure your unit is compliant with the latest safety codes and take advantage of the most up to date technology for 24/7 unit monitoring and management.

Revives your building's spark.

A fresh new look and improved ride comfort for the benefit of passengers and building management alike.

I.MOD: modernization made easy.

High maintenance and repair costs, frequent downtime, lagging compliance with modern safety standards and high energy consumption: old escalators and moving walks present many challenges. You might have thought about replacing your equipment, but space is tight and you don’t want your business to be disrupted.

I.MOD offers an attractive alternative to full escalator and moving walk replacements while increasing the value of your building, improves tenant satisfaction and delivers a smoother ride for passengers.

Fitted modernization, great results.

We can modernize virtually any escalator and moving walk, either TK Elevator models or other brands. Perfectly fitting modules and components are pre-assembled and brought to your location in small, easy to handle packages. Every component can be modernized, keeping only the original truss.

As minimal installation space is needed, there is limited operation disruption, even within the narrowest spaces. If desired, the cladding can be kept intact to maintain the design for an overall increase in value for your like-new unit.

Ride comfort

Fresh look

Efficient management

Upgraded safety

Energy efficient

Upgrades to the latest safety codes.

The safety levels demanded by your latest local codes are more rigorous than ever. Our I.MOD concept ensures your units comply with every safety measure required by your local authorities and more. And we offer additional safety features if required.

Increase energy efficiency.

We can provide a wide range of state-of-the-art energy-saving options to maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment. Depending on your application and need for environmentally friendly operation, I.MOD can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.

Improved ride quality.

I.MOD modernization will provide a more comfortable experience for passengers by improving the ride quality of your escalators and moving walk. This is made possible by renewing and adjusting parts prone to wear & tear, such as tracks for steps and handrails.

Pristine looks.

All visible components can be replaced, including balustrade, skirt, steps, comb and floor plates. Additional options for decorative and traffic lights are also available.

Optimized equipment management.

I.MOD enables you to connect your units to the cloud, with options to remotely monitor, manage and optimize operations. With up to date information about your equipment, you can make the right choice to optimize your building traffic.

Rejuvenates your units in a few simple steps.

Our modernization process has been designed to minimize interference with your everyday operations. There is no need for heavy equipment so we need less space to operate, which means limited disruption to your business.

With a narrow installation footprint, we can even replace one of several adjacent escalators or moving walks without affecting the others. In general it is a simple, four-stage process.

1. Examination

Our specialists examine the unit to be modernized, take measurements, and check its condition and accessibility.

2. Proposal

We develop a modernization proposal and a rebuilding project plan.

3. Project design

Our engineering team design the individual project and components are manufactured.

4. Rebuild

Rebuilding takes place in five steps, including a site acceptance test, certification, and commissioning of the new unit.

Modernized escalators or moving walks have the same service life as a new unit.

Save on high maintenance and repair costs. After the I.MOD process has been completed with all the necessary component replacements, your modernized unit will have the same service life as a brand-new one.

Easier maintenance with freely available spare parts

All-new standardized parts can be freely sourced, eliminating the need for special orders, extended downtimes and the expensive individualized parts required for older escalators and moving walkways.

Passenger satisfaction

With upgraded components, every passenger will experience the benefits of modernization – improved reliability, ride comfort, lower noise and a fresh new look.

Enhances sustainability with energy savings

We provide a wide range of energy-saving options to maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment and can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.

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