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Compliance organization

Dr. André Uhlmann is the Chief Compliance Officer. The Compliance Department is part of the Corporate Function Legal, Compliance & Labor Relations.

The members of the Compliance team are based internationally and close to the operational teams. They advise, inform and train employees around the world about the relevant laws and internal policies. They work closely together with management and operational teams by acting as strategic business partners and providing a “helping hand.”

An essential part of the Compliance organization is a large network of Compliance Managers. These are top executives of the individual Group companies (generally the CFO or Managing Director) who, as part of the TK Elevator leadership, ensure the right tone from the top. The Compliance Manager represent Compliance in the company and act as multipliers for Compliance in the operating units worldwide.

Our activities:

The Compliance team of TK Elevator is set up worldwide and structured into three main groups:

  • The Department Governance & Corporate is responsible for the strategic development of the Compliance Program for the core areas of corruption prevention, antitrust law, money laundering prevention and export control as well as the monitoring of so-called other Compliance topics. In addition to knowledge-sharing and standardizing advice on core Compliance issues, the tasks also include developing Group-wide guidelines and providing training concepts. Further developing the Compliance program, implementing standardized processes and the supervision of internal Compliance reporting are also part of the tasks.
  • The Investigation department takes care of routine Compliance audits and ad hoc investigations into suspected infringements. Any allegations concerning infringements of legal provisions or internal regulations is addressed and investigated, subject to pre-established processes and guarantees, supporting thereby a group-wide speak-up culture.
  • There are Compliance Officers responsible for each of our Business Units. Thanks to their knowledge of the specific business, local laws and culture, the Compliance Officers based close to our operational teams can advise TK Elevator companies on any compliance-related issues.

Compliance Managers are selected from among the top managers. As part of their corporate responsibility in forming a first line of defense, they are responsible for the implementation of the Compliance policies. Based on defined roles and responsibilities, they are part of the Compliance organization and communicate closely with the Compliance Officers.