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Apr 28, 2021 11:04

World Safety Day

28th April - Today marks the annual UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work. A day to globally promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and highlight the importance of health and safety. At TK Elevator the health and safety of our employee worldwide is of the upmost importance.

For more than a year now the world faces extraordinary challenges: COVID-19 has a tremendous impact on how we live and work. The global pandemic has put additional obstacles and pressure on all of us – be it in private or professional life.

Therefore, we at TK Elevator dedicate this year’s World Safety Day to highlighting the importance of mental health. We take this opportunity, and talk openly with colleagues about mental health and the potential influence of stress, how we can recognize it and what we can do about it.

“We strongly believe that all incidents are preventable! We continue to create and foster a safety culture with health and safety as a core value and to look after ourselves as well as our colleagues. The mental as well as physical health of our employees is key to us at TK Elevator. It is our mutual responsibility to live and work on a strong culture in order to meet our overall target of zero accidents worldwide.” comments Peter Walker, CEO TK Elevator.