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Why a focus on long-term maintenance is a resilient business

Service is at the heart of our business and means more to us than just completing production chains and new installations. Service & maintenance provide long-lasting customer relationships. The quality and efficiency of our service and maintenance add to overall customer-satisfaction which in turn results in long-term contracts and stability for our business – this makes us a resilient business even in turbulent political times.

Why service & maintenance are the backbone of our business

With our digital innovations, e.g. MAX, we invested in the future of service & maintenance. Space is scarce and time is of the essence in today’s cities. By using digital innovations, we support our service staff – they receive all necessary information about our mobility units digitally and in real-time!

We offer top-notch service and maintenance in real-time – thanks to our digital maintenance assistant MAX.

They are well informed about repair demands and thus spend less time on problem diagnosis. Problems are solved faster and regular maintenance keeps our units in the best possible condition. As a result of our long-term approach to maintenance, our elevators and escalators run smoothly, their lifespan is prolonged and the service we provide leaves our customers happy and satisfied.

Satisfied customers & long-term service contracts

The effort we put in long-term maintenance pays off: our customers trust our service teams. We are here for our customers and provide the best care possible for our elevator units - from the day they are first installed and all throughout their lifespan.

Dependable service is the best way to maintain our customers’ trust.

Our customers know this and are prepared to conclude long-term service contracts with us. They can trust us to provide them with best-in-class service and maintenance that does not decrease in quality over time! These long-term relationships give us an additional solid foothold and strengthen the resilience of our Elevator business.