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“Interculturality is key to the success of any global business”

On today’s World Day of Cultural Diversity, we’d like to introduce our colleague Shashwat Dave, Manager Business Transformation & Strategy, who believes interculturality is the key to success for any global company.

TK Elevator: Hello Shashwat, please tell us a little about yourself. What drove you towards to the elevator industry?

I was born and brought up in India. After earning an engineering degree, I began my career as a software engineer. Along the way, I realized that I was more interested in the management side of business, which led me to pursue an MBA from HHL Leipzig in Germany. The strategy courses and internship during my studies pivoted me to a career in strategy. Post my studies, TKE presented me with the perfect opportunity in the form of a trainee program to start a career in strategy. TKE operates in a promising industry that is driving transformation of our cities and infrastructure on the back of ever-increasing urbanization. Hence, it was an easy decision to make.

Could you please describe your position at TK Elevator?

I am a member of the ‘Business Transformation & Strategy’ team at the company HQ. Our team plays a vital role in setting and implementing the global strategy of TK Elevator. We work closely with central and regional teams to turn plans into action.

And why did you choose TKE as your employer?

Germany is known for its engineering excellence and TKE is known globally for its high-quality products and services and has consistently demonstrated its innovation prowess by bringing industry-leading and cutting-edge solutions as TWIN and MULTI to the market. Moreover, TKE’s strong focus on service and digital offerings makes it a credible player to succeed in the long run

Today is the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Can you tell us about your experience working in intercultural teams at TKE?

Being a global company, TKE is highly diverse and rich in terms of its human resources. In fact, our Management Board perfectly fits the definition of diversity. Personally, I had to make some adjustments to switch from Indian to the German way of working but overall, it has been a very welcoming experience at TKE. As most of us work in international teams, there is a high level of sensitivity and respectfulness for all cultures. Despite coming from a different country and with limited German language skills, I feel accepted and fully integrated into the company culture.

As you are located at our headquarters in Düsseldorf, what would you say is typical German when you observe your colleague’s behavior?

Planning, punctuality, and professionalism are quite typical. I especially love the direct, simple and clear nature of German culture despite originally coming from an indirect and implicit culture of India.

Would you say that interculturality is also a challenge in terms of daily business situations?

I believe interculturality is key to the success of any global business. It is a no-brainer that in the larger picture, interculturality is rewarding for employees as well as the company as it brings different ideas to the table leading to a wholesome solution. For long-term success, you need to forge relationships and invest time and effort in understanding different cultures.

How would you define diversity?

Being from India, diversity is something I have lived and observed closely. For me, diversity is accepting and celebrating uniqueness/differences and making something good out of it.

Thanks for this interview, Shashwat.

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