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World Whistleblowers Day – TKE encourages to speak up

Today is World Whistleblowers Day, with the aim to raise awareness for the important role of whistleblowers who report any kind of misconduct.

TK Elevator’s corporate culture is not only built on unconditional compliance with legal requirements and internal policies. We build trust by being truthful, respectful and transparent with each other and encourage employees to address concerns openly without fear of reprisals. This also implies the comprehensive protection of whistleblowers whenever they report misconduct in good faith.

“In line with our commitment to honesty and transparency our employees can always raise their concerns to supervisors, compliance managers or local compliance officers. We appreciate and respect colleagues speaking up, and in line with our leadership principles all managers need to ensure that these employees are heard, recognized and fully protected when they report misbehavior.” comments Dr. Detlef Hunsdiek, Chief Human Resources Officer and Compliance Executive at TK Elevator.

Besides hotlines and email-addresses where employees can raise their concerns, TKE offers a dedicated Ethics Platform to submit reports to the Compliance Investigations team. In addition, TK Elevator provides a dedicated reporting system under its “Global Framework Agreement” under which employees can report infringements against essential labor standards.