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Daily press, 2020-02-03, 09:30 AM

thyssenkrupp Elevator launches global spare parts strategy with inauguration of its first Smart Data technological warehouse in Madrid

  • New state-of-the-art warehouse in Spain reduces waiting times for elevator spare parts by 20% and saves 10% of all trips by service technicians
  • Additional central storage points worldwide are planned
  • The initiative includes a sustainability plan for recycling, emissions reduction and protection of the environment

thyssenkrupp Elevator will inaugurate its first smart spare parts warehouse for elevator maintenance and repair globally in Madrid tomorrow to further improve service for customers in Spain, Portugal and Italy. As a single management and storage point, Madrid Technological Warehouse in San Fernando de Henares aims at maintaining total availability of all spare parts for their operators, optimizing their logistics through Smart Data services, analysis and processing of data collected in real time. The use of smart data analytics will help to accomplish the same logistics processes saving 30% of the time compared to the traditional warehouses.

Round-the-clock availability of spare parts

The urban mobility multinational thus provides a simple and effective solution to minimize downtimes of defunct elevators by ensuring round-the-clock availability of spare parts and distributing them just in time to its service technicians. As a result, there is a 10% saving per year in the number of trips made by technicians to pick up components at their local office between jobs. In addition, there will be a 20% optimization in waiting time for the customer until the elevator is put back into service – simply because technicians will have the spare part at their disposal immediately.

“Especially in the mobility market, service is most critical. To minimize downtimes, it takes a real smart and up-to-date solution regarding maintenance and delivery of spare parts. That’s exactly what the new Madrid warehouse provides. It stands for maximum efficiency, soon serving even more countries outside of Spain,” says Dario Vicario, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator in Spain, Portugal and Africa. “thyssenkrupp Elevator’s innovative DNA makes us constantly think in new ways to improve our solutions and processes.”

With a total surface area of 6,853 m², including 6,253 m² of warehouse space and 500 m² of office space, the new warehouse in Madrid holds up to 9,800 different parts and components for maintenance service. In addition, it has the capacity to handle more than 1,400,000 orders per year, which is an increase of 400% compared to the previous storage place. The project was set up as a pilot in Spain, with the intention of becoming the central spare parts base of the company throughout southern Europe. Total investment for the set-up of the warehouse is 3.5 million EUR.

Dario Vicario adds: “Digitalization is not only a transformation process in our industry, it is part of what thyssenkrupp Elevator means. Combining smart data with our logistics helps us to maximize elevator uptime – and to make cities better and easier places to live in.”

Within thyssenkrupp´s global Spare Parts Business Excellence initiative, the Madrid warehouse will be the first of its kind of additional, centrally managed warehouses to come soon - located at different key hubs of thyssenkrupp Elevator worldwide, such as Memphis, Neuhausen, Shanghai, Porto Alegre and Pune, among others. That way the company will completely do away with the scattering of components in currently over 10,000 different storage locations.

“With the San Fernando spare parts warehouse, we are setting a new standard in the elevator industry,” said Ivo Siebers, Head of Global Logistics at thyssenkrupp Elevator. “We not only have to improve our products but also our processes - and we have recognized the great potential in optimizing the flow of goods.”

“Learning” warehouse: connection to MAX

To speed up the spare parts ordering process, this storage system will be connected to MAX, thyssenkrupp Elevator’s predictive maintenance solution installed in 120,000 elevators globally. With MAX, the elevators’ functions are continuously and accurately monitored. The real-time data collected by sensors in the elevators are sent to the cloud where they are analyzed by a learning system using Artificial Intelligence. The benefit for the customer lies in a system that is capable of anticipating which technical components need to be serviced or replaced even before any failure occurs.

Thanks to the total visibility of the spare parts offered by MAX, the information will be saved and analyzed for perfect scheduling of requests at the smart warehouse. The synchronization of the new storage project with MAX will mean greater immediacy and anticipation in telling operators which parts are needed for repair. Connected to mobile devices, MAX's unique algorithm sends accurate diagnostics directly to technicians to keep them informed of maintenance and repair needs, allowing them to be prepared for any eventuality.


With this new project thyssenkrupp aims to reduce the environmental impact and promote a more sustainable supply chain. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, about 5.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to logistical activities. Against this backdrop, thyssenkrupp promotes interoperability and efficiency by eliminating an unnecessary number of journeys for the shipment of components, saving 64 tons of CO2 not emitted by the fleet, which means a saving of 400,000 km per year, equivalent to performing 30 laps of the Earth.

The environmental commitment goes even further, with the replacement of all packaging of components by recyclable materials. All packaging material will be completely ecological, reusable and environmentally friendly.

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