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Daily press, 2021-07-05, 11:30 AM

TK Elevator equips modernized Bahrain International Airport with Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems and a Gate Management System

  • Bahrain International Airport’s new passenger terminal is four times larger than the legacy airport.
  • The airport, which is undergoing a comprehensive Airport Modernization Program to elevate its infrastructure, facilities, and services, offers unparalleled technical sophistication with 46 new Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems and a next-generation Gate Management System.
  • New systems feature key components such as transponder receivers for aircraft identification and obstacle detection function for safe and efficient docking.
  • Contribution to maximum sustainability by avoiding unnecessary stops and minimizing waiting time.
  • Gate Management System increases operational efficiency and turnaround punctuality with live monitoring of gate equipment and fully automated A-VDGS.

Düsseldorf, July 5, 2021 – Bahrain International Airport’s (BIA) new passenger terminal opened in January 2021, becoming the most modern boutique airport in the Gulf. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology, including solutions by TK Elevator. The company equips BIA with 46 Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) as well as an innovative Gate Management System to live monitor and control the fully automatically operated docking guidance systems.

The new terminal increases the airport’s capacity to a mere 14 million passengers and 130,000 air traffic movements per year. Therefore, safety, punctuality, and sustainability are crucial for efficient and profitable day-to-day operations. To ensure this, the airport’s operator and managing body, Bahrain Airport Company, installed 46 groundbreaking A-VDGS. This reliable, fast, and easy-to-manage system features a high-precision laser and high-resolution LED displays that provide accurate parking guidance to pilots, even in adverse weather conditions. It uses patented transponder receiver technology to 100-percent accurately identify approaching aircraft and confirm that the presetting for the stand is absolutely correct. Additionally, the aircraft’s transponder data contains a vast amount of information that airline operators can use for further optimizing processes other than the docking.

“By delivering our high-performance systems, we strongly contribute to maximum sustainability and make operations as well as the passenger experience as smooth and inspiring as possible. Thanks to its sophisticated technical equipment, the extended Bahrain International Airport now belongs to the most advanced of its kind,” says Peter Walker, CEO of TK Elevator.

The new A-VDGS solutions significantly contribute to more safety, efficiency – and sustainability: The obstacle detection function is capable of identifying any obstacles so they can be removed in time, and the aircraft avoids unnecessary stopping when turning into the parking stand. Moreover, both A-VDGS and the Gate Management System provide information and control for optimizing the turnaround process among stakeholders. Not least, the system delivers precise departure information through A-CDM (Aircraft Collaborative Decision Making) and therewith minimizes waiting time for aircrafts with engines running.

The Gate Management System allows for full automation of all A-VDGS operations and live monitoring of airport assets including Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) and auxiliary equipment from various manufacturers.

TK Elevator is a leading supplier of gate solutions for airports and airlines with over 2.500 docking guidance systems installed at over 100 airports around the world. The company has proudly contributed to this landmark project for Bahrain.


Can be downloaded here. (Photo credit: Bahrain Airport Company (BAC))


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