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Daily press, 2021-01-14, 09:00 AM

thyssenkrupp Elevator wins Elevator World’s ‘2021 Project of the Year’ award for mechanical ramps of Gran Via in Vigo, Spain

  • The project has achieved first place in the prestigious international award’s ‘Moving Walks’ category.
  • Mechanical ramps connect neighborhoods of the city and facilitate integration as well as accessibility.
  • Already in 2020, thyssenkrupp Elevator had been awarded a Project of the Year prize for an innovative elevator solution in Gran Canaria.

The international magazine Elevator World has awarded thyssenkrupp Elevator the prestigious International ‘Project of the Year’ prize for the company’s mechanical ramp project carried out on the Gran Via de Vigo, Spain. The project won the first place in the category of moving walks.

thyssenkrupp Elevator’s installation represents the centerpiece within the ‘Vigo Vertical’ project, designed by the city council of Vigo to increase accessibility and improve pedestrian mobility in the city’s hilly topography. With the ambition of making the city of Vigo a true reference in terms of accessibility, environmental sensibility and economic growth, the solution consists of six mechanical ramps protected by a customized cover that emulates the colors of the rainbow. With a length of 9,6 meters up to 48 meters, the corridors are capable of moving between 6,000 and 7,300 people per hour through the heart of the city and, adapting to the characteristics of their location, have an inclination angle of between 4.98º and 5.16º.

In addition, considering Vigo’s high amount of annual rainfall, the ramps have exceptional quality and durability with the exterior coated in stainless steel and a special paint and drain placed at the bottom.

For Pedro Martín, CEO of Spain, Portugal and Africa at thyssenkrupp Elevator, this award recognizes the company’s commitment to accessibility: “It’s a great honor for thyssenkrupp Elevator to receive such a prestigious award for a project as special as the mechanical ramps of Vigo. We have applied the latest technology to connect the different neighborhoods of the city, facilitating integration, accessibility and respect for the environment". ‘Vertical Vigo’ allows the city’s urban planners to recover spaces and make the city more compact by connecting areas in a new way.

Thus, thyssenkrupp Elevator starts into 2021 with a comprehensive recognition that addresses the company’s achievements in terms of accessibility and sustainability. The prize adds to previous awards from Elevator World. In 2020, thyssenkrupp Elevator won in the category ‘Inclined lifts’ with two sun-shaped panoramic elevators in the Riosol hotel in Mogan, Gran Canaria. In the previous year, the company was awarded in the ‘Moving walks’ category for its accessibility project in the city of Santander, whereas in 2018, thyssenkrupp Elevator gained two prizes in Bilbao and Melilla in the categories of escalators and moving walks respectively.

Press photos can be downloaded here. (Photo credits: thyssenkrupp Elevator)

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