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Accessibility: The freedom to move independently

At TK Elevator, we’re helping meet the needs of our customers with our mobility solutions. We provide dedicated and tailored solutions to enhance people’s mobility in both private and public settings.

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Please visit our country website or contact our office in your country for more information on our products and services.

Tailored solutions to enhance people’s mobility


From platform lifts to home elevators, we’ll help you move independently and comfortably in your own home for as long as possible. Take the stairs one day and your customized home solution the next. Regardless of your situation or stage of life, we have a convenient home solution for you.

Here are some of the benefits of our best-in-class home solutions:

  • Award-winning design, functionality and ergonomics
  • Robust and reliable
  • Elegant and convenient
  • Easily adapted to all architectural requirements

From government buildings and tourist sites to public transportation systems, our easy-to-use platform lifts provide people in wheelchairs with independent access. Highly dependable, adaptable and robust, these smart lifts improve access in indoor and outdoor public and private spaces. Just ask the many architecture, facility management and construction companies that have come to rely on them.

Our platform lifts offer practical accessibility solutions for wheelchair users, indoors and outdoors, at home and in public places. They also meet all architectural requirements, are robust and reliable, and feature smart, user-friendly functionality.


Our elegant home elevators add convenience and quality of life in any residence. Customized for private homes or standardized for housing construction projects, our residential elevators set the industry standard. Designed with or without a shaft, they integrate easily into existing or new homes. They also come in diverse sizes, indoor or outdoor applications and an incredible array of cabin décor elements and materials.

Our home elevators offer a new level of comfort and quality of life for the home environment. They’re available in various sizes, for installation with or without a shaft, in existing or new houses, indoors or outdoors, and with a broad selection of cabin décor elements and materials.