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Freedom with safety and comfort

One-stop provider of the safest and most comfortable stairlifts

Freedom with safety and comfort. Engineering you can trust. For life!

For over 60 years, we have been innovating to enable you to retain independence in the home you love. Our engineering DNA and desire for perfection means we never stop thinking of innovations that make your customized stairlift the safest and most comfortable possible.

Whether you need a stairlift for indoor or outdoor use, for inclined or curved staircases, there is no challenge too big for our engineers to customize a solution for you. Your mobility needs may change with time, but that shouldn't mean that your mobility around the house you love should change. We offer unrivalled support when selecting the right stairlift for you. We provide engineering you can trust for life thanks to our lifetime warranty.

It’s not just the stairlift that we provide you, but a dedicated team of experts who will design, manufacture and install our TKE’s engineering excellence into a customized solution for your independence - safely and comfortably.

S200 Stairlift - the most innovative stairlift on the market

Your home is not just a house. It is part of you, a reflection of your lifestyle and tastes. It grows with you, your family and your circumstances. And it adapts to your needs as they change.

The S200 chairlift has been developed with this in mind. Robust, safe, comfortable and easy to use, it gives you maximum confidence and independence in your daily routine. It is tailor-made to operate smoothly on the stairs and blend in stylishly with the interior or your home.

Whether you’re going up or down the stairs, you’ll always experience a very smooth and safe ride with the S200 chairlift.

Thanks to the proven monorail concept and patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) Technology the chair and footrest rotate to the most optimal and safe position during the ride.

This saves you time and allows you to easily handle the smallest and steepest stairs, while sitting comfortably in your chair. You can get off safely, because the chair is already in the right place upon arrival.

Our S200 stairlift by TK Elevator has received the prestigious Red Dot Award:

Product Design 2021 for its outstanding design quality.

Levant stairlift - for straight staircases

Want your mobility freedom for the stairs back, but don't need the color and upholstery customization? Welcome to the Levant, the ideal solution for straight staircases. This award-winning stairlift gives you unparalleled safety and comfort via a single rail design that enables installation within only a few hours.

Comfort stairlift - Tailored solution for straight staircases

Improve access between floors with the TKE's Comfort stairlift. This award winning stairlift, for straight staircases, using its single rail design allows the Comfort stairlift to be installed within only a few hours. It is important that your stairlift blends and matches your home’s décor – The Comfort stairlift comes with a choice of upholstery colors to ensure the perfect finish.