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Employees: Our priority

Our goal is to become the industry’s employer of choice

A sustainable organization makes its employees’ well-being – both professional and personal – a priority. We know everyone wins when we put our employees first, actively promote their health and safety, and consistently provide exciting training and development opportunities. Numerous Human Resources initiatives and tools help us give the best to, while bringing out the best in, our employees.

Fostering an ethical, diverse and inclusive culture

We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and build a culture of equal opportunities and mutual trust and respect. Abiding by Germany’s Diversity Charter also guides us in creating a workplace that is free of prejudice and open to everyone.

Law to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions

Under the May 2015 law on the equal participation of women and men in leadership positions in the private and public sector, certain companies in Germany are required to set targets for the proportion of women on the supervisory board, executive board, and the two management levels below, and to specify a deadline for meeting these targets.

TK Elevator is pursuing a group-wide strategy to promote diversity. With regard to the above-mentioned law, the following legal entities are impacted: TK Elevator GmbH, thyssenkrupp Aufzüge GmbH, and thyssenkrupp Aufzugswerke GmbH. Here you can find the individual targets for these entities.

TK Elevator GmbH has set targets for the proportion of women on the supervisory board, management board, and the two management levels below. The implementation period is until March 10, 2025.

The Supervisory Board of TK Elevator GmbH set a target of 18.75 percent women on the Supervisory Board of TK Elevator GmbH. For the Management Board of TK Elevator GmbH a target of 25 percent women was set in case of the Management Board consisting of more than three members. In addition, for the first and second management levels, the Management Board has adopted a target of 20 and 25 percent women.

Occupational safety and health: a top priority

employees thyssenkrupp

Elevators are the world’s safest mode of transport. We strive to ensure that all employees and subcontractors working on them are safe too. Our target of zero accidents is supported by a group-wide Occupational Safety and Health Policy, extensive training and certified safety management processes. Accidents and near-misses are thoroughly reported and investigated, and corrective actions are taken.

The following guidelines and actions help us safeguard the health and safety of our employees and subcontractors:

  • Training on our 10 Global Rules
  • Internal safety system audits (SSAs)
  • E-learning on key safety topics for all employees
  • Management safety awareness training
  • Extensive subcontractor management activities including subcontractor safety days
  • Annual “We care” global safety day
  • Annual safety recognition awards
  • Product safety innovations such as our scaffold-less installation method
  • OHSAS 18001 certified sites
  • Safety training passports for all technicians

Making good employees perform even better


Dedicated and well-trained employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we invested in creating the world’s only in-house training campus focused on developing elevator industry professionals.

In 12 locations worldwide, our global seed campus learning organization provides ongoing needs-based training for skilled employees and young professionals from across the company. Highly targeted programs enable our employees to develop their competencies under the guidance of expert and largely internal trainers.