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Daily press, 2023-09-26, 10:30 AM

TK Elevator introduces MAX HOME for safe mobility at home

  • MAX HOME supports the uninterrupted operation of stairlifts through predictive maintenance
  • Users can check on the condition of their stairlift at the click of a button and get notifications regarding usage, functionality, as well as operational issues, if any
  • The integration of MAX HOME into the award-winning S200 stairlift sets a new standard for digital stairlifts in the industry

Düsseldorf, September 26, 2023 – TK Elevator introduces MAX HOME, the innovative cloud-based, real-time solution for predictive maintenance of stairlifts. The new digital solution provides maximum peace of mind for stairlift users and their loved ones with real-time notifications and diagnostics that ensure maintenance is performed when required, helping to maximize stairlift availability. Local customer support centers check that the connected stairlifts are operating well and in case of an issue, technical experts can remotely diagnose the likely cause, assist with remote problem resolution or, if needed, schedule and fix the issue on a service visit.

The cloud-based predictive maintenance solution, MAX, is already successfully monitoring thousands of commercial elevators, offering predictive maintenance primarily to building managers and owners. Now, TK Elevator brings this high-end technology into the end-consumer market by integrating it into the award-winning S200 stairlift, without compromising on the stairlift’s renowned design. With this significant step, the company is driving the home mobility industry forward by making digitally enhanced products and services the norm, increasing service quality and giving customers peace of mind.

"MAX HOME sets a new quality standard in home mobility solutions, giving stairlift users maximum confidence, independence and peace of mind in their daily lives." says Antonios Vonofakos, CEO of TK Elevator’s Home Solutions business.

The S200 stairlift incorporates cutting-edge technologies and provides maximum comfort, safety, and customization options. It is positioned at a comfortable height, while the armrests provide both a secure grip and additional support for customers. Thanks to the backrest, the user sits in a natural, safe position while the open sides leave plenty of space around the legs, hips, and waist to move around on the stairlift. The built-in call system also allows the user to contact friends, family, and medical advisers while using the stairlift.

Staying connected is important and with the MAX HOME application, the user has full control of the stairlift and can closely view and monitor its status. Family and emergency contacts can also be given access to the app, enabling them to check on the stairlift and assist the user if required, giving peace of mind to the user and their loved ones.

can be downloaded here,
a video can be found here (credits: TK Elevator).


TK Elevator
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