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A question of mindset

To us Compliance means more than just obeying rules and regulations. Compliance is a question of mindset: Reliability, honesty, credibility, and integrity are part of our DNA. We would rather sacrifice a contract than win it by breaking the rules.

One goal – one program

Our Compliance program is designed to identify potential risks at an early stage and if necessary initiate suitable countermeasures. Compliance Officers around the world advise, train and inform employees about legal requirements. This makes Compliance an integral part of every business process.

Strong together

The Compliance community consists of full-time Compliance Officers on Corporate and Business Unit level. The Compliance team closely works together with a network of Compliance Managers (generally the CFO of a group company) in order to implement the Compliance program at all levels in the organization. All together they are point of contact for TK Elevator employees, promoting an ethical behavior and the respect for our internal Compliance policies and all relevant laws.

Safety Compliance

The following materials are made available by TK Elevator Australia Pty Ltd in response to an Object Fall from Height incident which occurred on 19 May 2020 and in compliance with an Enforceable Undertaking it has agreed to with the Victorian Workcover Authority (Worksafe) in August 2023. These materials have been developed to mitigate the risks associated with Objects Falling from Height and to highlight the safety obligations that Organisations have to Sub-Contractors (as well as their own employees). These topics are focus areas that are aligned with TK Elevator’s current Global Safety Transformation Program (STP) which seeks to focus attention on the high-risk hazards within the Elevator Industry. In line with its “We Get Home” safety branding, TK Elevator makes these materials available to both the Elevator Industry and wider Industries in general, as a commitment to improving safety outcomes for employees, sub-contractors and other parties who may be exposed to Object Fall from Height hazards. Please use the links below to access the following materials:

(1) Anatomy of an Object Fall from Height Incident Awareness Program
- Training Slides
- Trainers Guide
- Participant's Manual

(2) Contractor Safety Master Class
- Training Slides
- Trainers Guide
- Participant's Manual

(3) Shaft Safety Equipment Kit

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