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Keeping Everybody Moving

With 30% of the world's elevators being over 20 years old and mobility equipment generally, being in almost constant use, reliable service is more crucial than ever. Maintaining multiple brands of equipment across global portfolios while meeting all legal and operational standards, such as EN 13015, is a growing challenge.

This is why Universal Service by TK Elevator exists, to keep your infrastructure moving – across multiple brands of equipment you have – and optimize planning for maximum possible uptime.

Our Service Areas

Elevator Maintenance Services

Professional elevator maintenance has a great impact on our daily lives. Elevators provide seamless vertical mobility in various settings such as offices, residential and commercial buildings. Routine elevator maintenance not only prevents unexpected breakdowns, but also extends the lifespan of your elevators and can help prevent costly repairs.

As a global leader in the elevator industry TK Elevator is uniquely positioned to provide you the best elevator maintenance services. Our services include: regular elevator maintenance, inspections, elevator repairs and emergency services.

Elevator Repair Services

Prompt and professional elevator repair is essential when things go wrong. Elevators are one of the most important facilities in any building and play a central role in the movement of people and goods. It is important to select a professional elevator repair services provider so that defective elevators can be repaired quickly. At TK Elevator we are well equipped to not only repair your elevators, but we also provide comprehensive elevator maintenance services.

Escalator Repair & Maintenance Services

Escalators are often operated for extensive hours, sometimes 24/7 a day to get people to their destinations. Whether in shopping centers, convention centers, train stations, airports or public buildings – escalators have to function smoothly at all times. Regular escalator maintenance and professional escalator repair thus plays an important role in ensuring an efficient and barrier-free user flow. TK Elevator is well-equipped to provide escalator maintenance and repair services for your units.

Moving Walks Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining the proper functionality of moving walks is crucial for smooth operations and commuter safety in commercial spaces and mass transportation hubs such as airports and train stations. Opt for reliable and professional moving walk maintenance and repair services provided by TK Elevator.

We offer maintenance services for all major brands

Our International Technical Service (ITS) is a global network of competence centres: they cover all the requirements of today's mobility solutions. This offers you the unique advantage of service from a single source. Talk to us as your partner for optimum service for all your mobility solutions.

Digital Tools and Training

Service is only as good as the employees who provide it. That's why our service specialists take advantage of continuous training opportunities and use intelligent tools in their work. This enables them to deal with every fault effectively and efficiently on site in order to minimise downtime for you. The service tool is a tablet equipped with specialised software that supports our service technicians in a variety of mobile ways. It speeds up fault diagnosis, simplifies the ordering of spare parts and at the same time offers maximum transparency throughout the entire service process. The result is increased service efficiency and higher availability of your systems.

Move into The Future with MAX

MAX is the industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance tool that can cut downtime by up to 50%. This means fewer disruptions, faster response times and maximum availability of your elevators and escalators. Welcome to next-generation service.

Online Customer Portal:
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If you need to view a contract, maintenance checklist or technical details, our customer portal makes all your information available in just a few clicks. The document management system allows easy access to attachments and saves valuable time when archiving. You can make inquiries via the portal and also request and track service calls.