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Brings peace of mind

Sit back and relax. We take care of your equipment so you can focus on other work.

Improves service quality

Automatic detection, diagnosis and instant callouts mean we fix breakdowns faster.

Provides full information transparency

Follow callouts in real-time and receive progress reports by email or mobile.

Perfect for the following applications

MAX leads the maintenance revolution

Each day, billions of urban dwellers rely on millions of vertical transport systems at work, home or play; and with city-living fast increasing, there are going to be countless more.
MAX has been created to keep global urbanization running smoothly by detecting breakdowns, dispatching technicians and using predictive maintenance to fix problems before they happen.

We take care of every maintenance detail

Sit back and relax, MAX analyses your connected equipment 24/7 so you can depend on us to take care of every maintenance detail. MAX keeps you up to date, so you always know what happens in your building.

Real-time monitoring

MAX connects equipment to the cloud, where powerful AI analyses the data from every MAX elevator and escalator. Problems are detected as soon as they arise and potential failures are scheduled for preventive maintenance.

Keeps you up to date

If a breakdown is detected, you are always the first to know what is happening with your equipment. You can depend on MAX to take care of every maintenance detail, confident that you are fully informed.

TK Elevator will take care of all your equipment

Worldwide, around 25,000 tke service engineers and technicians receive real-time alerts for pre-issue repairs, enabling them to provide more pro-active service to our customers than ever before.

MAX solves breakdowns faster

Automatic detection, diagnosis and instant callouts mean we fix breakdowns faster. Predictive maintenance improves availability by maximizing uptime.

Maximum uptime, minimum stress

At TK Elevator, we’re reinventing how your elevators and escalators are serviced.

Through constant monitoring, our MAX box can identify problems as soon as they arrive, and notify you and our call center. If needed, we proactively dispatch our technicians. Arriving on site with all the necessary equipment and repair information, they can quickly resolve the problem and put the equipment back into service.

80% of the time, we arrive before you are even aware of the problem!

Thanks to the automatic detection of issues, our statistics have shown that our call center is alerted, and a technician often arrives on site before you even know there your equipment is not working properly. [Source: MAX case study in USA, 2019]

Fault detected

As soon as a problem arises, data is sent to the cloud where MAX analyzes the issue and a notification is sent to you and our customer center.

Remote diagnostics

Our call center carries out diagnostics

Technician dispatched

A technician is automatically dispatched (if needed), and receives fault details and a suggestion of spare parts to bring on site. Once on site, he proceeds to the repair, helped by a virtual coach on his tablet.

Repair notification

You are informed once the problem is solved.

Game changing technology - Predictive maintenance

With MAX, the future is today

Predictive maintenance works by combining the power of cloud computing, big data and machine learning.MAX monitors all connected units in real-time. A 24/7 digital partner, it continuously collects data on your elevator’s performance, components and systems, which it sends to the cloud. There, MAX uses algorithms to determine when your equipment will require maintenance from our technicians, effectively solving breakdowns before they happen.

Be empowered: you know what is happening.

Follow callouts in real-time and receive progress reports by email or on your mobile, anytime, anywhere you want.

All the information you need, on all your devices

MAX provides real-time progress updates to keep you fully informed. Check maintenance reports and gain insights on your equipment performance and usage on the MAX web portal and mobile app.

Live callout progress

MAX makes sure you are the first to know whenever a problem occurs with your equipment, via email or push notification. You can then follow callout progress and unit status on your portal in real time from any connected device.

Maintenance records

At a glance access to performance records and maintenance history. MAX updates your web portal as soon as maintenance is complete.

Usage data

Visualize equipment performance and understand usage. Create reports and analysis to help optimize operations and keep building owners up-to-speed.

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