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With our innovative products, we are addressing the challenges of urbanization with safety and sustainability for people and the environment as our top priorities.

What we do

We are developing products that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and cities by modernizing existing infrastructures and contributing to lower energy consumption.


By maximizing energy and resource efficiency, we are significantly reducing the emissions and environmental impact of buildings. Taking the steps to increase sustainability is a top priority in our product development.

  • All new products are designed to achieve the lowest energy consumption according to ISO standards (Class A as defined by ISO 25745-2 for elevators, and Class A+++ according to ISO 25745-3 escalators).
  • With our modernization solutions, we reduce the use of materials and energy in buildings.

You can find out more about our products and services here.


Understanding the environmental footprint of an elevator’s life cycle and being aware of the various ways to recycle components helps us to understand the overall environmental impact of our products, as well as to optimize R&D processes – and ultimately the design of our products. To ensure transparency regarding our products, we publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and communicate the results of the Life Cycle Assessments to the public.

  • In all our main markets we have EPDs registered for a wide range of our elevators.
  • The upstream production phase as well as the usage phase have the highest impact on the environmental performance of our products.
  • At the end of our products’ life, steel components are recyclable which can provide a substantial improvement of its environmental impact.
  • Other stages of the life cycle of our products, including transportation, installation and service, play a less significant role in terms of the environmental impact.

Product Safety

Keeping our passengers safe is fundamental to the success of our business. By applying cutting-edge processes and tools, we ensure optimal safety in the production, installation and maintenance of our elevators. Product safety is a joint effort of TK Elevator together with property owners, equipment suppliers, subcontractors, and maintenance service providers.

  • TK Elevator co-founded the Global Elevator Safety Forum for pursuing a safe and fatality-free industry.
  • We developed our 10 Safety Rules which are applicable to employees and subcontractors around the world. Download them here.

Green Building Certifications

We help our customers meet their sustainability goals and obtain green building certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM. These are designed to enhance living and working conditions in buildings, protect natural resources and raise property values for all stakeholders, while also meeting tough sustainability standards.

  • We offer products and solutions to meet building certification standards.
  • Our experts for sustainable building provide comprehensive consulting services.

Our Commitments

  • We want to improve urban living by helping people move around, in and between buildings, smoothly and safely.
  • It is our goal to make buildings and cities smart and sustainable.
  • We offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products that provide maximum user safety.
  • We ensure optimal safety in the production, installation and maintenance of our products.