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Customer portal
Follow your equipment from anywhere, on our portal and mobile app

Your job made easier.

Get real-time up-to-date information on your equipment and easily follow-up on your equipment maintenance.

Understand your equipment.

Performance monitoring, breakdown reviews and much more data to understand in details the assets you manage.

Anytime, anywhere.

All your unit and service information is accessible 24/7 on all your devices.

Everything you need to know about your equipment maintenance is now just a click away.

Understanding what is happening with your equipment is critical to your operation. This is why we created our Service Customer Portal: a simple and powerful tool to review information about your equipment’s maintenance past, present and future. With it, you are always in the know about what work has been carried out, the status of your elevator, escalator and moving walks, upcoming planned maintenance, response times and much more.

Your job made easier

Your work is easier when information is easy to find.

A milion things happen everyday in a building, and staying on top of things is crucial for you. Our service portal delivers all the information you need in an easy and understandable format, so you don't have to spend time looking for it.

Recieve equipment and service notifications.

When we are informed of a breakdown, are on our way to provide service or when repairs are done, we let you know immediately by email, on your portal or through a push notification.

Real-time service tracking.

When there is a problem, you need to know what the real-time status is. Through our portal, you know if there is a ticket open on a unit, and if our technician is on the way, making it easy to answer your tenant’s questions.

Review and generate reports.

All our service activity is recorded, and you can create a report to track our activity on specific units and download this report to share with building owners and tenants.

Communicate with us seamlessly.

Contact-us directly through the portal, to give us feedback, request a service or just ask a question.

Understand your equipment

Review performance and breakdown data.

Follow-up on your maintenance.

Review how we provide service, how many repairs we have done and the main breakdown causes for each of your units.

Follow KPIs that matter.

What is the availability of your equipment? How quickly do we respond to your calls? The KPIs that you are expected to follow are accessible directly on your dashboard.

Archive your service reports.

Each time we come to your building, we record our activity and produce a service docket immediately accessible in your portal.

Understand your units health.

Details on each breakdown cause.

Review the main causes of breakdowns for your unit to understand what parts might need repairs.

Identify increased service activity.

You can create activity reports for each unit or a group of units, and identify which unit needs more attention than others.

With MAX, analyze the real use of your units.

MAX collects usage data 24/7.

With MAX, your unit is connected to the cloud and collects real-usage and machine data. We collect data including door movements, trips, power-ups, car calls and more, and make this data available directly to you so you can understand better how each unit works.

Understand your building.

Analyze and understand traffic patterns, what time of the day is the busiest and what units are the most used.. You can use this data to improve your capital planning and building operation.

Create your own reports.

With our MAX data and statistics section, you generate a range of reports to evaluate your equipment performance, reliability and usage.

Access it the way you want

Centralize your entire portfolio.

All your units are available in the same account, even if they are on a different contract or from different buildings.

Available on all devices.

The responsive UI adapts to computers and tablets, and a dedicated mobile phone app delivers the information you need right where you need it.

Notifications where you need them.

Configure email, pop-up or push mobile notifications for the events and units you would like to follow.

Web portal

Access your webportal directly on your browser. No app needed!

iOS app

Download our iOS app directly on the App store and recieve notifications directly on your iPhone.


Download our Android app directly from the Google Play store and recieve notifications directly on your phone.