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Make moving people inside buildings as pleasant and efficient as possible by reducing waiting time.

Passenger convenience

You have everything you need at hand to personalize building entrances and enable passengers to operate elevators via app.

Passenger experience

Elevators become a customized communication platform: turn the journey into an experience for the user.

AGILE puts everything from optimized traffic flow to aesthetic personalization right at your fingertips. It is an innovative digital suite of solutions that transforms everyday elevator rides into inspiring end-to-end experiences, in any building.

Access Control


Control entry to your buildings and floors

User Control

User Control

Empower and delight every passenger



Make every journey much more interesting

Make every ride an experience


Keep every building and floor secure

AGILE Access ensures people get personalized access and authorization to areas intended for them – resulting in increased security for your building and more comfort for users. Permission granted.

User Control

Seamless rides that make a lasting impression

Put power in the hands – or even voice – of people with simple, intuitive user interfaces that enhance the passenger experience and maximize convenience.


In-cabin content for every context

Infotainment solutions provide cabins with a high-tech design touch and gives passengers relevant information and entertainment options like news, weather, location status and alerts. So regardless of whether people are going up or down, they will always be up to date.

Other digital solutions

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