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The TK Elevator APIs turn building management systems into intelligent ecosystems
APIs allow you to control via remote calls the TK Elevator equipment, integrate data with other building management systems (BMS) or even with machines, such as delivery robots, to create an all-encompassing ecosystem and endless new possibilities.



Add smart and predictive functions to your building management systems

Administrative data

Administrative data

Administer your TK Elevator equipment data in your building management systems

Ticketing system

Ticketing system

Incorporate TK Elevator’s ticketing system into your building management systems

Real-time status

Real-time status

Provide real-time information on asset status so control centers can be proactive

Remote control

Remote control

Use remote elevator control via external mobile apps

Our products

Add-on IoT API

Use our data in your system

Our Add-on IoT API gives you access to your elevator data for use in your BMS. This way, you use only one system but still have the power of our cloud data at your disposal. It is available as an addition to your MAX Smart Maintenance package.

Integrate data with our Add-on IoT API

Add-on Service API

Send service data to any BMS

Our Add-on Service API channels provide service records and contractual data from the customer portal directly in your preferred BMS, thereby reducing the service documentation effort and eliminating the need to log into a second portal. It is available as an addition to your MAX Smart Maintenance package.

Send service data with our Add-on Service API

Work Order Management API

Create TK Elevator support tickets directly from your interface

Our Work Order Management (WOM) API integrates the TK Elevator ticketing functionality directly into your BMS, which enables your staff to notify us quickly when malfunctions arise, reduces downtime and documentation effort, and improves facilities management service levels. It is available as a standalone solution.

Summon help directly with our API WOM

Connectivity API

Make every up and down more visible

With our Connectivity API, you can connect the real-time status of your mobility solutions with external systems like Google Maps, so building owners can provide new kinds of value-added services to tenants and end users. It makes the elevator and escalator status transparent to help people better navigate through buildings and offers them a pleasant user experience. It is available as a standalone solution.

Make it visible with our Connectivity API

Touchless API

The ultimate finishing touch

With our Touchless API, you can integrate remote elevator controls into your building’s mobile app, enabling passengers to enjoy enhanced control while avoiding contact with high-touch surfaces. Your building’s mobile app also becomes an essential part of their daily commute and opens up valuable channels for communication. Process integration, e.g. for driverless transport systems, is also possible via our Touchless API. Let your robots use elevator independently.

Inspire new interactions with our Touchless API

Other digital solutions

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