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Knowledge is power and potential. TK Elevator gives you more of both. 
Our unique digital solutions portfolio is a suite of interconnected services and experiences for advancing the art and science of moving people. With our services and products created around our MAX IoT platform and our AGILE modern enhancer solution, we are leading the elevator industry. We are creating a complete ecosystem of vertical transportation products for making buildings and cities smarter, so they function better for everyone who lives and works in them.

Our digital solutions

MAX - Optimize your building operations with MAX

Technology keeps us moving faster, but data keeps us moving smarter. Our industry-first, cloud-based IoT platform MAX offers a suite of intelligent, data-driven solutions that make entire buildings – and building portfolios – run better. MAX collects real-time status data on your assets and provides recommended actions in a wide variety of service applications. Whether residential buildings, shopping facilities, office buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings or hotels, MAX ensures significantly higher reliability compared to conventional systems. With our MAX-based solutions, you always have an eye on your equipment status and can avoid unplanned downtime. So you can relax knowing everything's under control.

AGILE - Make every ride an experience with AGILE

The future of urban mobility is about more than efficiency. AGILE begins a new era of optimization and personalization, which enhances end-to-end user journeys. It sets new standards for sustainable urban mobility through in-building transportation systems. TK Elevator has developed a product family of state-of-the-art solutions for smart buildings and more efficient elevator systems. By meeting user expectations in terms of appearance and putting users in control, AGILE optimizes the performance of elevator systems. In addition, AGILE offers added comfort and safety as well as a wide range of infotainment options, making every elevator ride an experience. 

APIs - Integrate your elevator ecosystem with our APIs

Our customized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide ultimate flexibility in the use of data for building automation. Link the data you want from your TK Elevator installations to other systems such as service robots or third-party software solutions. Use it to design individual workflows in your ecosystem to increase building safety and efficiency and optimize mobility within them. 

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While passengers generally view an elevator as something that simply gets them from point A to point B, TK Elevator’s “The Elevator of Tomorrow: 4 Trends Personalizing the Rider Experience” report highlights how vertical mobility is taking a big leap forward in delivering customized experiences. From calling the elevator through a smartphone, using voice commands to select a destination as well as cloud-based predictive maintenance and two-way in-cabin communications in case of emergencies, the report spotlights four digital trends that enhance user experiences, help property managers run their buildings more efficiently and help developers future-proof commercial spaces.

If you’re in the U.S., you can download the report here.
If you’re anywhere else in the world, click here to download the report.