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Digital solutions

Beyond travelling

Elevators, escalators and moving walks transport millions of people every day. They have become a central part of how we move in our cities and passengers are expecting more than a simple ride from A to B.

Our digital solutions connect all your equipment, bringing the experience to the next level. No matter the building type, what equipment you have and who you are, we have a solution to enhance convenience, comfort, safety and availability of your system.

TKE digital solutions


Maximum uptime, all the time.

Our smart, machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution dramatically increases elevator availability by reducing out-of-service situations through real-time diagnostics. MAX predicts maintenance issues before they occur, and empowers elevator engineers by flagging the need to replace components and systems before the end of their lifecycle.


We make travelling in your building more efficient.

AGILE transforms elevator systems into a seamless mobility ecosystem that’s more intelligent and efficient.
AGILE is today’s peek into the future. A future of better connectivity that gives you greater system control, efficiency, security, customization and comfort.

Application Programming Interfaces

The right interfaces for a connected building.

The digital future is open and flexible. And so are we.

With our cloud-based technology, we provide the platform for you to connect your elevators and escalators with user applications and building management software. This gives you the ability to access your equipment and all related data using the TKE APIs.

Benefit from our broad ecosystem of practical tools and applications and take the next step towards a connected building.