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Advancing sustainable urbanization


At TK Elevator, sustainability means investing in innovative mobility solutions that tackle the challenges of urbanization while making cities and buildings smarter and the best places to live. It also involves reducing our company’s operational footprint, increasing its social contribution and ensuring its financial strength.

The many faces of sustainability

The many faces of sustainability

Our sustainability journey helps us consider the needs of society, the environment and our business in every decision we make. Our goal is to ensure each employee is making a conscious contribution toward creating a more sustainable future for generations to come through our:

  • Eco-conscious products and services
  • Resource-efficient production processes
  • Energy-saving operational initiatives
  • Forward-looking employee training
  • Strong community engagement
  • Continuous improvement processes and reviews

This is how we remain at the forefront of our industry, driving clean passenger transportation technologies and advancing sustainable urbanization.

Our sustainability commitment

Our sustainability commitment

Our products are at the heart of our sustainability commitment: to deliver customized mobility solutions for satisfied customers and in harmony with the needs of people and the environment.

This commitment drives innovation and continuous improvement in our products, which translates into:

  • More intelligent and reduced use of materials
  • More environmentally friendly products
  • Reduced energy consumption in all products and services
  • Optimal safety in production, installation and maintenance
  • Maximum user safety
  • Resilient operations

Our sustainability commitment is also reflected in our promise to customers:

Move Beyond.