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Underline your building's premium

Trend-based interiors to match your building’s style and extend the building’s vibe into the elevator.

Provide a stylish experience

With a focus on usability and overall ride comfort, enta200 ensures you travel in comfort and style.

The performant elevator for low-rise buildings.

With its compact size and premium cabin designs, enta200 is a machine room-less elevator perfectly adapted to low rise premium buildings. In a residential or a commercial building, enta200 will delight passengers with great designs and advanced features, giving the building the premium it deserves.

Perfect for the following applications

The latest design trends for your building.

Our team of experienced Korean designers has studied the latest interior design trends to bring you a range of premium quality cabins that will underline your commitment to style and your building's premium. High-end materials, carefully crafted patterns and textures are combined into six design packages to fit perfectly your building's style.

Inspired by the skyline of Florence, warm terracotta tones combine with abstract geometrical patterns to evoke rooftops under a starlit sky.

Combined the beauty of the serene desert with a modern sense.

Sophisticated golden hues and complex patterns stir feelings of history and luxury.

Sleek, dynamic and monochrome, the epitome of metropolitan style and success.

Sparklin blues and mother-of-pearl blend with silver/gray elements reminiscent of the palazzos and waters of the canal city.

Taking inspiration from the capital of Italian style and design, calming textures and simple geometries beautifully combined.

The grandeur and mystery of the ancient city reinterpreted in a modern way.

Have a look at our premium cabins as if you were in them. Explore each detail, zoom to admire the patterns and material and imagine how our design can underline your building's premium.

Provide a stylish experience

From the minute they step into the lobby, to the moment they get out of the elevator, enta200 provides a stylish experience to all passengers. With premium interactions, embedded safety and a comfortable atmosphere, you are sure to put your building's visitors in a positive mood.

Carefully crafted fixtures

Bright LCD screen

With a focus on usability, the new colorful LCD display makes the information easier to read. The image moves in the direction of the elevator to give a reassuring ‘visual sense’ of movement.

Premium COP

A multi-materials premium control pannel.

Powerfull speaker

A powerfull speaker behind a premium metalic plate.


Our COP buttons are carefully designed and arranged to facilitate the use of our elevators.

Embedded safety

Door safety light curtain

When an object or a person cross the path of the door light curtain, the doors re-open automatically to ensure the passenger's safety.

Earthquake safety

Our earthquake prevention system puts automatically the elevator in a safe operation mode at the first sign of earthquake.

LED hall sill

LED hall sills flash to indicate arrival and doors closing, supplementing hall lanterns and chimes for extra clarity. Intelligent in-car announcements are all fully adjustable to communicate cabin status clearly and calmly.

A clean ride

A cleaner air

enta200 includes an air purifier to ensure the air in the cabin remains fresh and clean, even during pollution events.

Protect your environment against bacteria

The embedded air cleaner is fit with a powerfull filter to trap bacterias and virus and provide a healthy air to passengers.

Anti-bacterial material

Our enta200 comes with anti-bacterial property: control buttons, pannels and fixtures can be coated with Nano-Ceramic coating. And with our Smart COP, the passenger can access the desired floor with just a swipe of his access card or phone, avoiding any contact.

enta200 special house configuration

Bring your house to a new level by installing a premium elevator. Moving through your home gets easier for people with desabilities or difficulties to elderly people, and with enta200, you add value to your property. Our special configuration allows you to install an elevator, without having to pay the luxury tax.

  • Speed: 0.25m/s
  • Load: 200kg
  • Height: 12m