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Our Service for Your Escalator

Escalators are often operated for extensive hours, sometimes 24/7 a day to get people to their destinations. Whether in shopping centers, convention centers, train stations, airports or public buildings – escalators have to function smoothly at all times. Regular escalator maintenance and professional escalator repair thus play an important role in ensuring efficient and barrier-free user flow. TK Elevator is well positioned to provide escalator maintenance and repair services for your units, thanks to our vast service branch network and our deep level of understanding of different models across all major brands. We are the ideal partner to keep your tenants and customers safe and happy.

Why is Regular Escalator Maintenance Important?

Escalators are complex systems that require regular maintenance to ensure they function properly. Neglected maintenance can cause small problems to develop into large and costly repairs. Lengthy downtimes can have significant cost implications and can be very disruptive to the flow of foot traffic in your building. A lack of proper maintenance can also lead to accidents caused by system failure.

Disconnected or dislocated comb parts, for example, can pose a safety risk as this is where the moving steps of the system connect with its fixed parts. A misalignment of the combs or the place, or a malfunction of the comb plate safety system can cause a potentially hazardous situation.

What do our Escalator Maintenance Services include?

All our service technicians are experienced professionals and have received rigorous training. Escalator maintenance typically consists of these steps:

Visual inspection:

We check whether all components of the escalator are functioning properly.


We clean all components to ensure they operate in optimal condition.


We lubricate all moving parts to ensure they function smoothly and prevent wear and tear.

Functional testing:

We carry out tests to ensure that all systems and components function properly.


We log all work carried out and keep our customers informed of any problems identified and any necessary repairs.

Swift and Efficient Escalator Repairs

In the event of a breakdown or a severe malfunction it is important to restore full functionality of your systems as quickly as possible. Our technicians are well equipped to handle repairs with efficiency and precision and it is our priority to help you minimize downtime.

Maintenance and Repair Services for all Major Manufacturers

As one of the leaders in the escalator space, our technicians are well equipped to offer competent maintenance for all types of escalators manufactured by various major brands. Thanks to our global supply chain network, we are also able to replace broken or malfunctioning parts with genuine spares.

Why you should choose escalator maintenance and repair services from TK Elevator

Specialist for escalators

Manufacturer-independent services

Fast delivery of spare parts

Flexible maintenance contracts

Cost transparency and budget security

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