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TK Elevator promotes win-win partnerships as a core value for sustainable shared growth with our partners.

What we do

We achieve sustainable partnerships by complying with the relevant regulations for fair trade and establishing a mutual goal of shared growth with our partners.

Attitude towards Win-win Parnership

Amid the rapidly changing market environment, nothing is more important for TK Elevator's sustainable future than win-win cooperation with our partners. As TK Elevator, we understand that by eradicating unfair trade practices and maintaining continuous cooperation and communication with our partners, we can form relationships based on mutual trust and achieve shared growth as ethical members of society.

We will not exert influence unfairly on the basis of our superior position and, as a company leading comprehensive shared growth in the elevator industry, will continue striving for win-win cooperation with our partners.

Expanding Communication

TK Elevator holds regular shared growth meetings with our partners to promote close communication and shared growth, and is expanding technological and safety training support, communication through social networks, complaint handling support by worksite, and technology sharing programs in order to contribute to the technological power and safe practice of our partners.

  • Sharing technical and safety issues and rewarding examples of outstanding quality through regular shared growth meetings
  • Supporting strengthening of safety rules and technological power through communication with employees of partners through social networks and rewarding safe worksites
  • Promoting quality improvement at each worksite by regularly sharing technological and safety information and operating a technical support center.

Strengthening Partners' Competitiveness

TK Elevator understands that supporting partners to improve their competitiveness contributes to our mutual achievement of shared growth. Accordingly, we continuously support partners' abilities to enhance their competitiveness and take the lead in practicing win-win partnership through various financial support programs.

  • Supporting partner council organization and a shared growth fund​
  • Improving welfare of employees and strengthening partnerships by contributing to welfare funds for joint workers​
  • Providing technical and safety equipment and uniforms, and operating a success reward program

Compliance with Four Practices for Subcontract Transactions

With regards to our transactions with suppliers, TK Elevator employs fair trade practices and promotes win-win partnership by introducing and operating the four practices established and revised by the Fair Trade Commission.