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Experience new heights

zeta200 is a machine room gearless elevator that is specially built for high-rise commercial and high-end residential buildings. Passengers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride with zeta200 unique premium designs and fixtures.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 300 m

    Travel height

  • 6 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,600 kg

    Maximum capacity


Perfect for the following applications

SMART Car Operating Panel, revolutionary features at your fingertips.

SMART Car Operating Panel

A beautiful design

Our SMART COP is an elevator car operating panel with revolutionary features such as enhanced security system and various registration interfaces to increase both usability and aesthetics.

The asymmetric design and leather with real stitches provide soft and elegant texture . The car indicator with blue-lighting presents sharp and refined design.

Ergonomic interface and great features.

We designed the interface with the users convenience in mind. Type-in your floor, swipe your card or use handwriting to get to your desired floor.

And this SMART COP is packed with great features: Floor lock, directory, built-in black box camera ....

01. Thinking


We 'think' from the view of customers. We are always in careful consideration to create design for customer's value.

'Transforming customer's needs into solution', this is what we think.

02. ldeation


We describe our thoughts as detailedly and visually as possible using a variety of idea tools such as brain storming and mind map, before making various attempts to 'ideate' suitable concepts.

03. Sketch


We imagine and 'sketch' specific images of the concepts derived from customer's needs, external beauties and various ideas.

04. Material


We select 'materials' in match with design of the building by reflecting customers' taste and collaborating a variety of materials together.

05. Design


We actualize 3D images, review final design, and then select and propose optimized design in harmony with building's architectural concept and interior design.