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TK Elevator meta200

The performance solution for your commercial or residential mid-rise.

You want to create a premium residential or commercial building? When great designs, with stylish features and premium material counts, meta200 is your choice.

  • Increase your returns

    Premium interiors in line with your building’s style

  • Instill pride about your building

    Add your personal touch to truly reflect your brand

  • Provide a stylish experience

    Our elevator is smart in every details to make your ride a stylish experience

meta200 in details

Find out what makes meta200 stand out from the rest

Learn what makes meta200 so special, setting a benchmark for premium mid rise residential and commercial buildings. Outstanding design, great customisation options and smart features makes this elevator the best choice for customers looking to create a premium building.

Increase your returns

Trend based modern designs and wisely selected materials to create a premium appearance.

Because the elevator is a central part of your building, a great design and comfortable ride is key in a high-end building.
Our designers have studied the latest architectural trends in the apartment interior market to create premium design selections.

We created premium material for meta200. Pattern design and embossed 3D textures create a sense of luxury by playing with visual and tactile senses.

From the bright colorful screen, to the sleek surface of the COP, each detail of the design is carefully thought through to give your building the premium look it deserves.

Instill pride about your building

Add your personal touch to truly reflect your brand

Our elevators can be customized to adapt to your building design brand. You can choose among our selection of materials and fixtures, or add your logo and name to make the elevator a real part of the building atmosphere.

In a building with a strong brand and clear design guideline, you expect your elevator to smoothly integrate. Go the extra mile with our design team, comprised of experts in elevator design who will create a unique cabin that you can be proud of.

Provide a stylish experience.

Our design team analyzed what is important for users in the commercial and residential segment. We adapted each details of the cabin to make sure our elevators are easy and comfortable to ride.

The tilted cabin screen improves visibility, while the background screen image moves with the elevator. The button layout has been optimize to facilitate access to the most used floors.

For distracted users, the LED light on the door floor makes it easy to see when the elevator is here and it is time to board.

Our optional handrail with a flat top to hold your boxes and the vertical ending for kids or disabled persons and reclining back handrail makes the ride more comfortable.

Download meta200 drawings

meta200 - pdf l dwg

550 kg .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
630 kg .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
680 kg .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
750 kg .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
900 kg 1 > 2.5m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,000 kg 1 > 2.5m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,150 kg 1 > 2m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
2 > 2.5 m/s - .dwg - -
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,200 kg 1 > 2m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
2 > 2.5m/s - .dwg - -
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,350 kg 1 > 2m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
2 > 2.5m/s - .dwg - -
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,600 kg 1 > 2m/s .pdf .dwg .pdf .dwg
2 > 2.5m/s - .dwg - -
3m/s .pdf - .pdf .dwg
1,800kg - .dwg - -
2,000kg - .dwg - -