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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Customer Information

TK Elevator strongly supports the global efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We do this by applying strict safety and hygiene measures in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the applicable provisions of government authorities.

As one of the world’s leading service providers, we take our responsibility to ensure ongoing mobility in buildings very seriously, especially for crucial infrastructure such as health and public facilities. We are making every effort to guarantee that our services remain fully available to all customers. To increase travel safety on elevators, escalators and other mobility infrastructure, we offer new and innovative solutions to increase hygiene standards and enable social distancing.

We’re fully operational

Service and Maintenance

Industry-leading solutions
  • Our service teams are on duty for all maintenance activities and call-backs to ensure the availability of your systems. Emergency call services are fully operational.
  • Repair orders etc. can be carried out as planned as we keep common spare parts for the systems of contract customers in stock.
  • We will keep customers in quarantine regions informed individually (e.g. in order to discuss options for ensuring emergency rescue etc.).

New installation and modernisation projects

New installation and modernization projects
  • Current or ongoing installation and modernisation projects are secured by us based on the current situation. Customers will be notified if, for example, there are delays in delivery due to border controls. However, we ask that you inform us if dates need to be cancelled or postponed.
  • TK Elevator produces most of its elevator systems for the European market in Europe. Deliveries are continuing.
  • If construction sites comply with hygiene and safety requirements and there is no danger to our employees, work is carried out in accordance with the contract (subject to official restrictions).

Office locations and administration

Branches, administration and customer appointments
  • Some of our locations continue to have limited staff, but as we have corresponding teleworking infrastructure including digital work processes, our customer service in sales and administration is available to you practically without restriction (exception: fax). Still, we ask for your understanding that unannounced visits at our local offices are currently not possible.
  • You can also receive invoices, work confirmations etc. in digital form. If you have not yet switched over, please contact us with the corresponding customer or contract data.
  • We are happy to offer alternatives for consultation appointments with our sales staff. Our employees are well equipped in terms of digital communication and can organise virtual meetings.

[Status: August 21, 2020 – subject to change without notice]


Caring for passengers: Our COVID-19 related solutions

As COVID-19 is still active worldwide, the demand for integrated countermeasures in mobility infrastructure is rising. We offer smart solutions and services for our products as well as third-party equipment.

Smart in-cabin sanitisation for elevators

Elevators are enclosed, restricted spaces. The sanitisation of cabin air, elevator surfaces, buttons and handrails therefore warrant special attention.

The UV-C light air purifier is capable of eliminating >99% of germs and viruses. The device activates automatically when a person enters the cabin and stays in operation for 30 minutes after they leave.

  • Quick and easy installation on the cabin wall
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Safe operation thanks to full aluminium enclosure preventing UV-light leakage

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Installed on the roof of the elevator car, this device purifies the air in lift cabins using ozone, creating a clean and hygienic environment, free from harmful microorganisms. It also removes other noxious chemical compounds, including those that cause unpleasant odours.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Safe and continuous flow of ozone
  • Significant reduction of viruses and other pathogens
  • Product lifespan of up to 7 years with no additional maintenance or consumables

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Enabling safe usage and social distancing: Our touchless solutions

Touchless call – operating the elevator with your smartphone

Our contactless control system allows passengers to operate the elevator via their smartphone or tablet without touching any buttons. Just scan the QR code located near the elevator door or inside the cabin. A virtual landing or cabin operation panel appears on your device via the web browser to call the elevator or select the destination floor.

  • Non-invasive installation and no need for an extra app
  • QR codes and sticker print files can be updated / downloaded via a web portal
  • Compatible with our products and 3rd party elevators
  • Installation and monthly subscription costs per unit independent from number of floors

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Elevator pass – operating the elevator with QR code passes

Our Elevator pass system enables contactless operation of the elevator via QR code scans. The codes are either generated via our dedicated, free smartphone app, can be forwarded via email or text, or printed on paper (e.g. for guests at an entrance reception). QR code readers at every landing translate the scans into operating commands.

  • As easy to use as an airplane boarding pass, with or without a mobile device
  • Smartphone app for iOS and Android available for free to generate QR codes and to store or forward them
  • Compatible with our products and 3rd party elevators
  • One-time installation costs, no monthly fee

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Automated handrail disinfection for escalators and moving walks

Holding the handrail of moving walks and escalators is an important safety element. From a hygiene perspective, however, some passengers avoid touching it – and not just since the beginning of the pandemic. With an integrated handrail sanitisation device, users can safely grasp the handrail without any risk of infection, and reduce the risk of falls.

We offer a variety of systems depending on customer preferences and the specific escalator make and model. They are based on UV-C light technology, with modules installed within the escalator. Working fast and reliably, the handrail surface can be made >99% free of germs, bacteria and viruses.

The germ-free handrail reassures users, providing them with the confidence to move freely and safely around buildings such as shopping centres, exhibition or conference centres, or public transport facilities.

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How you can support our service technicians now

Only the safety and health protection of our employees can guarantee the full continuation of our business activities.

Safety first!

Please understand that our service technicians are currently paying very close attention to compliance with hygiene and safety regulations at the work site and are applying these to a greater extent themselves. No activity is so urgent that it cannot be performed safely.

Work confirmations

When confirming work reports, please pay special attention to hand hygiene, spatial distance and try to complete the process together with our employees without contact.

Point out dangers

If you require services in exposed locations (health care facilities, retirement homes, etc.), we request that you instruct our staff on any new safety regulations and, if necessary, provide accompanying persons or protective equipment.

Cleanliness of installation

Also in the interest of the passengers, make sure that your systems are cleaned carefully - not only inside the elevator cabins, but also the landing controls, and the handrails of escalators.

No direct contact

Our technicians are instructed to strictly avoid interpersonal contact. Please excuse our staff for keeping a minimum distance of 2 metres, as well as refraining from shaking hands and conducting small talk. We kindly ask that you also refrain from doing the same.

Thank you!

On behalf of all our service technicians we would like to thank you for your support.

Stay healthy and safe!