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TK Elevator - Nottingham (Headquarters)

Unit A Daniels Way, Hucknall

Nottingham NG15 7LL

Office phone: +44 (0)115 986 8213



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24/7 Service - Need help?

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24/7 Service - Need help?

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We've got you covered – with Universal Service for all lifts, escalators and more

With TK Elevator you take maintenance from reactive to proactive. Extending the life of your lift or escalator, moving people safely and efficiently. Our customers can rely on us to respond to any problem with reliable success – for any brand, any place, any time.

  • 60+ years experience

    incl. our history as thyssenkrupp Elevator

  • 20.000+ units in service

    lifts, escalators and moving walks in UK & Ireland

  • full regional coverage

    our network extends across the UK and Ireland

Looking for care-free service? Request a quote from TKE!

Click through our quick-and-easy online form, and we will get back to you with a non-binding offer a.s.a.p.

Get a free service offer from TK Elevator

One lift service provider for any brand

The promise of manufacturer-independent service is omnipresent. What sets TK Elevator apart is that we have institutionalised multi-brand maintenance over more than 25 years. Our global internal competence network "International Technical Services" (ITS) guarantees that our regional branches and service engineers are always 100% capable of fully servicing any brand of lift or escalator as if it were a TK Elevator product.

All lift types, all escalator models, from any manufacturer

Regardless of the original manufacturer, age and type, we ensure that your passenger and freight lifts, escalators and moving walks function safely, efficiently and reliably. Our customers entrust us with their equipment in residential and commercial buildings, public transport infrastructure and airports as well as shopping centres and entertainment facilities.

The premier foundation of TK Elevator's Universal Service is our highly skilled workforce – with the unique addition that every TKE technician is backed 24/7 by an entire global network of dedicated multi-brand service experts.

More than 50% of the lifts, escalators and moving walks our company services are not manufactured by TK Elevator.

Customers all over the UK & Ireland choose TKE for maintenance – no matter the make or model

One service company for all lifts? We've made it our business!

In our 10 ITS competence centres, 3 of them located in Europe, veteran lift and escalator service engineers team up with electrical, mechanical and software experts to provide 360° support to our regional service branches. They produce maintenance manuals and repair instructions, training courses with realistic controller models, and e-learning videos. They have also perfected the art of reverse engineering and provide powerful diagnostic tools that directly plug in to elevator controllers of almost any brand.

By refurbishing and stocking critical and rare electronic spare parts such as printed circuit boards, ITS also brings a sustainability aspect to our service.

ITS provides support via phone, live video call or directly on site to your local service engineer, teaming up to solve issues quickly.

A double win for TKE customers: an experienced technician on site, the expert in backup

Our lift service network – always close to you

Competence and proximity are determining factors when lift and escalator owners choose their service company. In the UK and Ireland, TK Elevator's network is comprised of regionally placed branches and locally-rooted lift technicians. For many of our customers, especially small businesses and residential property owners, this factor is crucial: being able to rely on a familiar face who knows your area inside out and is there to help you.

A MAP of TKE branches in UK and a service technician

How we operate: 7 regional branches, 200+ service engineers

In the United Kingdom, TK Elevator is headquartered in Nottingham with strong regional service branches in Glasgow, Manchester, Bishop's Stortford and London. The Northern Ireland branch is located in Belfast. Our offices in the Republic of Ireland are situated in Dublin. In total, our branches operate with more than 200+ lift and escalator service engineers, each dedicated to specific local areas. Together, they form a comprehensive service network with the shortest-possible distances to our customers' locations.

Always on the move to keep you in motion

Our service engineers are constantly out on the road with their vehicles well stocked with frequently required spare parts attuned to their maintenance portfolio. Fully digitally equipped with smart devices and our proprietary applications, they're connected around the clock to the dispatching team, our unique ITS support network and the TKE smart maintenance MAX cloud.

With TK Elevator as your trusted service partner, you'll always have a single point of contact in your region who knows what's going on with your lift or escalator and is there to assist you personally.

lift technicians in training

Best-trained lift engineers

In-house education and global knowledge transfer through our ITS centres are the pillars of TK Elevator's high service quality. Our lift engineers know their craft – and they know where to get instant support, too.

elevator controller and technician

Proprietary digital tools

Our technicians are digitally supported via their smart devices, receiving dispatch orders and creating work reports. Plus, they use our own powerful diagnostic tools that can directly tap into various controllers.

elevator components warehouse

Optimum spare parts logistics

We keep frequently required spare parts in stock or even with technicians in their vehicles. Additionally, our smart warehouses optimise the short-term availability of both TK Elevator and multi-brand parts.

Sustaining passenger flow 365 days a year

We're available whenever you need us. From conveniently scheduled maintenance of your residential lift at off-peak hours, to 24/7 rapid response for the main elevator at your hospital. What's more: By defining service as a continuous mobility partnership between maintenance company and customer, we jointly plan to avoid costly interruptions and extend the operating life of your lift, escalator or moving walk.

Committed to partnership throughout the product life cycle

Quality maintenance is more than "oil and grease" and troubleshooting inevitable breakdowns. A successful service partnership also means balancing maintenance requirements with the needs of owners and users. For that, we think and act beyond the regular maintenance, to the timely replacement of wearing parts, and to well-executed repairs that don't keep you waiting. We anticipate usability impacts and take into account economic aspects for the owner, for example by spreading out necessary investments over time.

Universal Service at "any time" also means: always at the right time.

Extended operating life for your mobility solution, with as little downtime as possible, with continuous operation and without unpleasant interruptions? Universal Service by TK Elevator is just the recipe for that.

Always transparent in what we do

With all of our Universal Service offerings we strive to make things easier for our customers and reduce complexity, especially in administrative processes. After all, the best service partners are the ones you hardly ever notice – because everything just works. At the same time, modern-day paperless maintenance and digital transformation allow us to increase transparency.

Whether you wish to follow a "no news is good news" approach or like to dive deep into performance analytics and the service statistics of your lift or escalator, all insights are readily available – or, with the TKE online customer portal: directly at your fingertips around the clock.

Frequently asked questions about lift service companies

Who can service my lift?

Maintenance of your lift, escalator and moving walk can be performed by a service company that is able and certified to execute lift maintenance in accordance with the applicable laws and standards (e.g. EN 13015). Regular maintenance and inspections are an important responsibility and requirement for every lift owner or operator. Regular service visits should be carried out to check and maintain lifting equipment to ensure it is always safe for use. Service intervals depend on the type of lift and usage frequency. What is most important is that you trust your lift service partner and their capabilities – not whether they have manufactured or installed the system. That trust is built on their having a trained and skilled workforce that is truly experienced in handling every brand and type of lift, as well as whether they have comprehensive access to all spare parts and a capable regional service network with rapid response rates.

How can I hire a lift service company?

Since regular examination and maintenance is required for all types of lifting equipment, maintenance contracts have become the preferred way for lift owners to ensure that their mobility equipment is serviced properly and in accordance with regulations, as well as in a timely fashion. Usually, the lift service company committed to maintaining your lift is then not only responsible for its upkeep, but also provides troubleshooting (breakdown) services, executes necessary repairs and even modernisation measures. Quality lift service providers, such as TK Elevator, also take care of lift emergency services. Lift service contracts run for a minimum period of one year, but usually for several years. As with insurance plans or mobile phone rates, there's a choice of contract types catering to customers' specific needs – from "oil and grease" to "complete coverage".

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