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Enables your vision

momentum 200 is a high-speed single-deck elevator designed for heavy to very heavy traffic in high-rise residential, office, commercial and mixed-use buildings in the comfort and premium segments. TK Elevator is your single-source partner for all mobility solutions in your high-rise building.

Masters challenges

This dedicated high-rise platform will maximise your elevator uptime through enhanced performance and high-quality components. Its smart digital functions will optimise passenger flow and can connect seamlessly to your building management systems. It's also available as a firefighter and service elevator.

Ascends to new heights

momentum 200 brings authentic identity to your high-rise building through either predefined or customised designs with a wide choice of materials, finishes and ceiling, customisable control panel positions and interfaces, and much more.

  • 300 m

    Travel height

  • 7 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 2,500 kg

    Maximum capacity

  • Class A

    Energy Efficiency Rating

  • Pre-designed + customised

    Cabin design

  • IoT-ready


TKE is one of the world’s leading elevator companies with 65+ years of high-rise experience. As a single source for mobility solutions, we are offering you momentum 200 as the ideal high-speed single-deck complement to the broadest high-rise portfolio in the industry.

A global solution ...

The momentum platform is a global TK Elevator development. It's the culmination of best practices and technology assets from our around-the-world R&D networks to reflect the high-rise segment's needs. Our most experienced engineers join their forces and know-how to deliver a product that is truly global – in exactly the same way architects, investors and property developers as well as skyscrapers themselves are operating and evolving on an international scale.

... delivered locally

While we leverage the global design of momentum, it stays a remarkably local product when it comes to its industrialisation and manufacturing for the European high-rise market. Production of all major components are done on the continent, and combined with our consulting experts and experienced local organisations, we assure standardised processes, predefined product configurations and delivery packages. The result? Reduced complexity, quick delivery, operational excellence, and product consistency at high quality levels.

Your lifecycle partner in high-rise mobility!

For several decades TK Elevator has been helping customers realise their high-rise vision. Providing planning expertise is our contribution to the architectural design process. With single-deck, double-deck and our unique TWIN elevators, TK Elevator's product portfolio is the broadest in the industry.

Get in contact with a TK Elevator sales team near you

Drive unit engineered and manufactured in Germany

Our dedicated engineering is evident in momentum's high-performance machine and inverter, both made in Germany. The unique mounting setup with additional insulation, damping and balancing measures keeps vibration and noise to a minimum, and ensures reliability and maximum ride quality.

Built-in energy efficiency

momentum 200’s reduced energy demands will shrink your building’s operational electricity costs. An extremely efficient machine room, the traction machine’s regenerative mode, standard regenerative drive functionality and other energy-saving features such as LED lighting and stand-by mode enable momentum 200 to achieve the highest energy-rating class A in heavy-duty applications.

Superior high-speed ride

momentum 200 incorporates state-of-the-art components made to the strictest quality standards to achieve smooth, quiet and precise ride quality at high speeds. A sophisticated car-and-sling system, high-performance doors, an electronically controlled and friction-minimising roller guide system, precisely aligned guide rails in the elevator shaft and the Absolute Positioning System for accurate floor levelling.

Flexible configuration

momentum caters to your building’s unique features and is highly flexible in terms of shaft dimensions, load requirements, available door types etc. Cabin dimensions can be adjusted in 10 mm steps with a height of up to 3.400 mm that guarantees spacious atmospheres.

Reassuring technology

Whatever the technical challenge – building sway, piston or stack effect, seismic forces or fire-fighting – the momentum platform always ensures passenger safety and long-term functionality.

An eco-friendly elevator system

momentum 200 contributes to a greener, more sustainable building to enable certification to green rating systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, etc. Made of +80% inert and recyclable materials, momentum 200 comes with product declaration sheets for the main components and RoHS compliance as a CE-marked product.

momentum 200 incorporates pioneering digital solutions and cutting-edge creativity to enrich your passengers’ elevator experience. Smooth, safe and secure passenger mobility along with optimised building operations are key to a fast return on investment.

Smoothly secure passenger flow

The advanced dispatching systems and user-friendly terminals of our AGILE Destination Control get passengers to their destination in the most efficient way. Touchless solutions, e.g. a smartphone elevator pass or touchless calls via QR code, enable safe, socially distanced usage through contactless operation and navigation.

AGILE Security Access seamlessly and openly connects to building management systems and helps to maximise your security while minimising any headaches through flexible and easily adaptable access solutions.

Enriched travel experience

momentum's digital user interface is ready to be tuned to your requirements. The AGILE Design Centre will add a personal touch to your momentum 200 so passengers enjoy a positive first impression on entering the building, e.g. through individualised welcome messages.

momentum 200 is ready for the show. It's factory-prepared to be equipped with in-car multimedia displays to improve passenger guidance and provide entertainment to enhance every journey, and even enables you to market travel time with ad-services.

IoT-optimised building operations

momentum 200 is factory-ready for MAX, our cloud and IoT-based 24/7/365 platform solution for optimising building operations. With its predictive maintenance capabilities, MAX takes elevator availability, reliability and efficiency to new heights by significantly increasing uptime and minimising breakdowns. 80% of the time, our service technicians will arrive before you even know there’s a problem.

By monitoring and scheduling the maintenance of your units, MAX can also supply you with real-time data and the real-world benefits of optimised building operations. Advanced statistics and reports help you make better decisions on more efficient building operations.

Pre-designed cabin designs

Sophisticated and proven

momentum 200 offers a range of pre-designed cabin designs with a range of fixtures and signalisation components to be integrated seamlessly with your building's architecture, also when used as a firefighter or service elevator. You gain all the advantages of standardised design with enough freedom to bring authentic identity to your high-rise building.

The standard range includes a selection of predesigned cabins from our popular A and C design lines especially geared towards momentum with a choice of coloured glass and stainless steel materials, various ceiling and flooring options, fixtures and signalisation.

Browse through the momentum 200 standard cabin designs and fixtures.

A50 (Glass / Crystal White) Passenger Elevator | C30 (Stainless Steel) Service Elevator | A58 (Glass / Diamond Black) Passenger Elevator | C30 (Stainless Steel) Firefighter Elevator

Crystal White




Dark Chocolate

Diamond Black




Stainless Steel Checks

Stainless Steel Honeycomb

Stainless Steel Satin Champagne

Custom RAL Colour / Custom image print

Galvanised (cabin carcass)

Traffic White RAL 9016

White Aluminium RAL 9006

Hairline Stainless Steel Gr. 220 (ferritic)

Hairline Stainless Steel Gr. 220 (austenitic)

Stainless Steel Linen (austenitic)

Stainless Steel Diamond (austenitic)

Stainless Steel Leather (austenitic)

Stainless Steel Mirror polished

Handrail Stainless Steel Satin Black

Handrail Stainless Steel Satin Silver

Handrail Stainless Steel Brushed


Lightbox Large




Tiffany Large

Spots LED


Concrete Light Grey

Concrete Dark Grey

Esquisse Grey

Fresh Blue

Nature Black

Bulb Plate Stainless Steel

Bulb Plate Aluminium

Custom flooring (e.g. marble)

Stainless Steel Gr. 220

Stainless Steel Black

Stainless Steel Champagne

Anodized Aluminium Silver

Blueton push-buttons

Step Classic push-buttons

DB-02 push-button

VB-02 vandal-resistant push-buttons

IL Variable COP (7" standard display)

LILB landing indicator panel

Slim LIP landing indicator panel

Full AGILE product range

Customised cabin design

Tailored to your building

From the lobby to the top floor, the design of modern high-rise buildings is a composition of ambiances. Elevators can connect these different atmospheres fluidly, not just by facilitating the actual travel, but also by their own design. Modern material technology imposes very few limits on achieving the desired look & feel every architect and interior design expert strives for. That's why all of our high-rise products, including momentum 200, allow for design customisation. We apply our technical know-how to your team's design concept.

Take a look at some unique elevator designs our customer's have realised.

Trinity Tower | Paris, France

Mebe | Moscow, Russia

Algorythm | Moscow, Russia

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We provide investors, architects and developers alike with comprehensive planning and support services. Decades of experience in elevator technology means that you can rely on our expertise.

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