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TK Elevator - Nottingham (Headquarters)

Unit A Daniels Way, Hucknall

Nottingham NG15 7LL

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24/7 Service - Need help?

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From smart planning to project management

TK Elevator provides unparalleled support right from the start. Creating the optimum passenger flow is our contribution to the architectural design process. Ensuring that all installation works run smoothly and are finished just in time is our promise of quality.

Economic, sustainable and fully connected

Our high-rise mobility solutions prove that economy and ecology can co-exist in perfect harmony. That's good for the environment and your bottom line. In addition, our holistic digital solutions deliver financial and operational benefits.

Unique products with service like no other

With single-deck, double-deck and our unique TWIN elevators, TK Elevator's product portfolio is the broadest in the industry. Our superior service and preventive maintenance solutions ensure reliably high availability, including for any third-party equipment.

The global high-rise segment is changing

Working from home is here to stay – and with it the demand for city-center office space seems to be falling. But that won’t put an end to skyscrapers. They’ll just be different.

Existing buildings will be redesigned, with office space converted to other uses. New architectural designs will integrate a mix of uses. Sophisticated elevator technology will continue to enable high-rise mobility. And our industry’s products will increasingly be judged by the amount of flexibility they bring to the future high-rise building that is bound to blur usage categories.

TK Elevator has been delivering holistic high-rise mobility solutions for decades. Our unique and innovative product portfolio enables future-proof concepts. Our solutions are based on lifecycle partnerships with our customers – in everything from competent consulting and smart planning to project management and preventive service.

For several decades we have been helping customers realise their high-rise vision. Providing planning expertise is our contribution to the architectural design process. Our holistic approach enables increased rentable space, facilitates seamless passenger flow and allows for highly flexible configurations and architectural design possibilities.

Supporting you from A to Z

To help you realise your high-rise vision we offer unparalleled consulting and planning support right from the start, even before the first outline of a building is drawn. Local experts are supported by TK Elevator's global high-rise consulting team. Involving them right from the beginning of the structural design is sure to achieve the best possible outcome and save you costly changes at its later stages.

As the centerpiece of a serious planning endeavour, we carry out an elevator traffic analysis (ETA) to predict the future performance of a given elevator layout. An ETA enables each iteration of an elevator to be refined for the best possible outcome – the optimum number of shafts, energy savings, system efficiency, passenger comfort and budgetary considerations, for example. A thorough ETA forms the basis of an architectural design that takes building mobility into account.

Optimum passenger flow with minimum elevator footprint

We help you make the right passenger flow decisions to optimise travel and keep waiting times to the minimum while at the same time keeping the elevator footprint at it's most efficient.

With our unique product portfolio, which is the industry's broadest thanks to pioneering technology such as TWIN, we are capable of freeing up rentable space in your high-rise project while at the same time increasing transportation performance. To put it in numbers: Smart planning may result in up to 50% less space needed for elevators. The outcome is a future-proof, customised mobility solution tailored to your building and optimising user convenience.

Smart planning = transparency

Mixed-use high-rise buildings may contain hotel, residential, retail and office spaces. Co-working areas or special-purpose floors (for restaurants or sky gardens) might soon replace traditional office levels. In all these challenges, the experience, expertise and creative flexibility of our consultants and planners will ensure you get the best possible high-rise mobility solution to suit your needs.

For us, to plan smart is also to be fully transparent towards our customers, especially when it comes to putting mobility concepts through a performance and reality check. That's why our tools and methods in elevator traffic analysis consider ISO 8100-32 standards and are 100% open to scrutiny. We even published a white paper on ETA.

We're in the vertical transportation business to take people wherever they need to go efficiently, conveniently, comfortably and reliably. To achieve these goals, we have the broadest product portfolio in the industry. Meet all of our elevators, escalators and digital solutions for the high-rise segment in the virtual product lobby below.

AGILE Destination Control

AGILE's destination control system reduces your passenger's time to destination by up to 25% and increases the handling capacity of passenger elevators by up to 30%.

Our completely flexible TWIN

Providing two independently moving cars in the same shaft, TWIN maximises lettable floor space and minimises the average travel time to destination.

High-speed double-deck elevators

Simply called double deck, this is our workhorse solution for quickly shuttling more people between two locations (e.g. a main lobby and a sky lobby) with the help of two adjoining cars.


Our escalators from the velino series offer a range of design and functionality options as unique as your project.

MAX, the future in maintenance

MAX enables real-time intelligent service by preventing problems before they occur. Its additonal web-based monitoring services put you in total control of your elevator and escalator operations.

AGILE Security Access

AGILE Security Access lets you control security at turnstiles and lifts. You can connect it to building management systems provided by others or use the TK Elevator stand-alone lift-access-control-system. Ideal for total control from the main entrance throughout the building.

Watch the product launch of momentum!

TK Elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies with several decades of high-rise experience. As a single source for mobility solutions, we are offering you momentum as the ideal high-speed single-deck complement to the broadest high-rise portfolio in the industry.

Learn more on the momentum 200 and 300 product pages.

Tailored to your building

From the lobby to the top floor, the design of modern high-rise buildings is a composition of ambiances. Elevators and escalators connect these different atmospheres fluidly, not just by facilitating the actual travel, but also by their own design. Modern material technology imposes very few limits on achieving the desired look & feel every architect and interior design expert strives for. That's why all of our high-rise products allow for maximum customisation.

Highly customisable

Elevator design extends far beyond the cabin with custom wall claddings and matching floors. A passenger's first contact with a building's mobility solution is in fact the destination control terminal in the lobby. Then comes the building's wayfinding system and additional signalisation such as landing direction indicators that mark the way before the boarding of an actual cabin. Our products take that into full account with features like customisable digital user interfaces, tuneable RGB lighting and a wide range of fixtures and signalisation options.

Take a look at some unique elevator and interface designs that our customers have realised.

Trinity Tower | Paris, France

Mebe | Moscow, Russia

Algorythm | Moscow, Russia

Mercury City Tower | Moscow, Russia

Federation Tower | Moscow, Russia

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We provide private, commercial and institutional customers alike with comprehensive support services. Decades of experience in elevator technology means that you can rely on our expertise.

Get in contact with a TK Elevator sales team near you

As buildings get taller, the benefits of digitalising vertical transportation are becoming increasingly significant. Digitalisation is already allowing the operations, management and maintenance of buildings to evolve into holistic solutions bringing financial and operational benefits. Vertical transportation will become more integrated into urban systems and processes.

The exciting possibilities include cloud-based IoT solutions like TK Elevator's own MAX, but extend much further to city-wide monitoring and control of elevators and escalators, real-time control of elevator performance in metro stations to absorb unexpected traffic surges, or promotional campaigns for stores being simultaneously launched on all the multimedia screens of a city's elevators.

We are continually expanding our digitalisation competence and range of digital tools to ensure you can move ahead in today's increasingly connected urban world.

The high-rise elevators of tomorrow will have to be as economical and eco-friendly as possible. We are strong in both disciplines. That's good news for the environment and your bottom line.

Efficient technology

We prioritise economical elevator technology, e.g. through AC gearless machinery, minimising the number of empty or phantom stops, and lowering energy costs through regenerative drive technology, as generated power is fed back into the building's grid. Our high-rise mobility solutions reduce the energy, space, resources, and on-site maintenance your elevators or escalators will require.

Ecological mindset

One of our company's climate targets is to develop products that reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and entire cities. Our elevators help your high-rise building to go green through energy-saving functions, LED lighting, sleep mode and other efficient features. And we specifically promote mobility solutions that comply with green building certification systems, such as LEED®, DGNB and BREEAM.

We are A listed for tackling climate change

Our efforts in climate protection were recognised by the global non-profit CDP, which put us on their A List for tackling climate change for 2020. TK Elevator's commitment is to reduce our own carbon footprint by 25% until 2030.

We are the industry's EPD pioneers

TK Elevator publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to communicate the results of Life-Cycle Assessments to the public and ensure transparency regarding the environmental impact and performance of our products.

In our growing cities, the demand for convenience is increasing. Add renovation activities, large-scale infrastructure and urban living projects, and it becomes clear why our focus is not only on the innovation of our products. From the start we engineer our elevators and escalators towards an efficient and speedy installation process.

Leveraging several decades of experience, our global high-rise expertise and highly developed local organisations, we guarantee reliable delivery and flexible logistics, state-of-the-art installation techniques that keep the pace with construction, and on-site project management that ensures operational precision and work safety. For us, partnership means supporting you with a dedicated, expert project management team that closely coordinates every phase of your project.

On-site expertise

During the construction phase our experienced on-site team will ensure smooth, just-in-time logistics planning and operational oversight. We manage the development of the project in time, cost and quality, maintaining smooth coordination between installation teams on site and our factory and R&D, who always remain tied-in.

The outcome is trouble-free system installation and commissioning, for example with state-of-the-art laser technology used to align the elevator shaft with millimeter precision for standard-setting travel comfort.

“Safety first” culture

The safety of our customers, employees, and those who use our products is paramount at every step.

Expert consultants

We offer a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in international high-rise consulting and project management.

Flexible logistics planning

We know plans can change, so we organise our mobility solutions around your building planning to always be just-in-time.

Shaft Climber® system

We can start installation and provide vertical mobility while the building and the elevator shafts are still growing.

Certified installation teams

Our installation experts are trained, experienced, and certified to the highest standards.

Remote commissioning

Usually, our technical support team is on-site to commission newly installed elevators. But when the situation demands it, we can also provide remote commissioning.

State-of-the-art installation

Our Shaft Climber® system installed in the building core during the construction phase drives site progress faster, enables earlier facade closing and reduces the assembly time. With us at your side you can be sure of a high-rise elevator that is completed on schedule and budget.

Your elevators and escalators are in good hands. With one of the leading providers of urban mobility.

Your service partner. Always there.

On par with our innovative elevators engineered and manufactured in Europe, the provision of high-quality maintenance and repairs is a core priority at TK Elevator. Our service concept is built on the basis of ensuring maximum passenger comfort,convenience and safety at all times while protecting the long-term value of your investment – and it extends beyond our own products. Regardless of make and model, we can cover all your maintenance and service requirements, which is an invaluable advantage for our customers.

Key features for high-rise

  • Rapid 24/7 service through our 1,000+ local branches
  • Individualised service contract packages, optionally with MAX, our cloud-based predictive maintenance and monitoring system
  • Expert service technicians backed by a global network of service centers, dedicated also to third-party equipment and providing real-time support
  • Designated service technician(s) and engineers for your high-rise building and connected mobility solutions
  • Large stock of spare parts for all major lift brands on demand, and efficient logistics capable of swift delivery
  • Optional on-site stocking of spare parts for your elevator units

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