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AGILE: We make traveling in your Agile: We make traveling in your building more efficient more efficient


We make traveling in your building more efficient.

AGILE transforms elevator systems into a seamless mobility ecosystem that’s more intelligent and efficient.

AGILE is today’s peek into the future. A future of better connectivity that gives you greater system control, efficiency, security, customization and comfort.

Destination Control System

Elevate your building's performance

AGILE moves tenants more efficiently to their destination.

Unlike traditional operation, a floor is chosen at the kiosk and the intelligent dispatching software analyzes the request — gauging traffic demand and grouping passengers based on similarity of destination. This leads to less crowding, fewer stops and a more efficient use of available elevator capacity, whilst reducing travel time by 25%.

When adding our enhancer to any of your elevators, you also ensure an increased usage capacity by up to 30%.

AGILE moves tenants quicker to their destination, improving your building's efficiency.

Make the smart move to greater efficiency

AGILE management center

Enhance your building management.

Manage all your elevators from one central location with our Management Centre. Adapt your elevator operations to changing traffic conditions and, if needed, integrate it into your existing security system.

Check on the status of an elevator.

• Control access to certain floors for a specified time.

• Assign how many elevators service a specific floor and when.

AGILE Management Center lets you optimize equipment performance and adapt to changing needs from anywhere in your building.

With AGILE's smart monitoring solution you will always be on top of your elevator operations.

AGILE design center

Enriches your building’s experience

AGILE's clear, concise graphics make its touchscreen easy to use. Together with our wide range of customization options for the kiosk and mounting solutions, AGILE can meet any building’s objectives.

With our Design Center, you can customize the graphics on your kiosk to reflect your building identity and elevate your building’s status to premium.

  • Choose from pre-loaded backgrounds and colors.
  • Upload and display personalized images and messages.
  • Maintain brand consistency that matches your building.
  • Customize only a selection of kiosks or all of them at the same time.