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Get them there on time, every time

Imagine you’re designing buildings for a college or university with masses of students eager to get to class on time. Be it a library, dormitory, school auditorium, college or university, we have the right elevators, escalators, moving walks and accessibility lifts to suit each of your applications and requirements. The same is true for daycares, elementary and high schools, and places of worship.

At TK Elevator, our barrier-free systems can handle a tremendous amount of use and abuse while delivering the reliability, speed and functionality you require to keep people moving. They’re also designed to complement your building’s architecture and ensure people get where they need to be, safely, comfortably and with total peace of mind. Our service professionals make sure things stay that way by keeping your system in first-class shape.

For older systems, our flexible modernization packages allow you to upgrade your passenger transportation solution, in line with your budget, with minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

Our products for education and religion



Since 1937, our hydraulic elevator system has been the standard for quality and reliability. The TK endura elevator continues that heritage as a smooth, quiet and efficient workhorse that exceeds the demands of today’s low-rise buildings. endura can be configured to meet your building specifications and is customizable with a variety of interior cab and fixture designs.

  • Travel height: 18 m (60 ft)
  • Maximum speed: 1 m/s (200 fpm)
  • Maximum capacity: 2,500 kg (5000 lbs)

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endura MRL

endura MRL is a hydraulic elevator for low-rise buildings. You no longer need a machine room — the pump unit is located in the pit. The simplified installation requires less coordination. It also has fewer moving parts, so you’ll have lower maintenance costs.

endura MRL uses little electricity and has a small environmental impact. In fact, if you choose enviromax®, the industry's first vegetable-based hydraulic fluid, you can virtually eliminate petroleum. When compared to traction MRL elevators, endura MRL can save up to $100,000 on costs over 25 years.

  • Travel height: 10.2 m (33.5 ft)
  • Maximum speed: 1 m/s (200 fpm)
  • Maximum capacity: 2,500 kg (5000 lbs)

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For low- to mid-rise buildings, this MRL elevator was developed for you. Whether it's increased speed, capacity or energy efficiency, you can choose an elevator that comes without compromises. You also get special features like regenerative drive and electronic auto-rescue without paying extra. Best of all, everything fits into the hoistway.

evolution 200

  • Travel height: 100 m (350 ft)
  • Maximum speed: 3 m/s (600 fpm)
  • Maximum capacity: 2,500 kg (5000 lbs)

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